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Update in CS: GO on April 1, 2015

Patches12:20, 01.04.2015
Update in CS: GO on April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 was another game update CS: GO. The size of the update is 120.3 MB. So, what is included in this update?

- Completed the operation Vanguard.

- Train added to the main mappul.
- Nuke added to spare mappul.

- Multiple changes fumes.
- Fixed spawn point, to prevent the occurrence in the same place where the other player.
- Changed tagging.
- Increased price M4A1-S from 3100 to 3200.
- Reduced the damage at a distance from the Tec-9.
- Reduced shop Tec-9 to 24 rounds.
- Reduced movement speed while aiming with the AWP and Auto rifles.
- Accuracy MP9, MP7 and Mac-10 increased.

- Contracts are working with StatTrak.
- Now you can exchange the values ​​StatTrak two weapons of the same type.

- Fixed server browser shows the path to the map, instead of the name.
- Add column showing whether the card is loaded with the Workshop or not.
- Added column shows the popularity of the game modes.
- Changes in the server browser will be saved between sessions.
- Updated message is displayed during the first start of the browser.

- Fixed disappearing table with a score, if you open a player profile on Steam.
- Added additional control privacy lobby.
- Added text to a different bank collection.

- Support multi-channel sound (quad / 5.1) on Linux.
- Improvements on the server side.
- Added command sv_reliableavatardata 2 to use their avatars for players on LAN-tournaments.
- Optimization of matchmaking during the update on the side Valve.

- Parted between the length of the skybox, parapets and Sieg. Now grenades from the box, you can throw on the zig and vice versa, as well as the length of the Middle
- Improved visibility near a burning car on advertising.
- Box to spawn CT is now visible even with a very large distance (previously disappeared at a very great distance).

- Parted skybox next to the kitchen.
- Boxes T-Middle is now above the head there will no longer be seen
- Simplified side of the window at the Foreign Ministry.
- Improved visibility through the box on the bombsite A.

- Removed the second of collector car, added the second box, the whole entire Plant has become much more open
- Added a staircase leading to the bombsite A with maze

- Fixed minor blemishes on bombsite B.
- At the hay in the sleeve can now jump only replanting.
- Removed nychka left on the platform.

- Removed bugs replanting A.
- Added dash indicating the boundaries of plantations A
- Improved visibility from the Middle to the bombsite A (previously almost invisible CT was standing behind the barrels at the ridge, they merged with BTR)
- White tarp on the boxes now better sweep.

- Plant And pushed much further, adding another car.
- From Maine now better look at the situation on the bombsite A.
- Increased area to the left of Maine.
- Move the green bins.
- Crane raised above.
- Removed lye, allows you to view the lower yield on B with the coil located on the CT side of the lower parapet.




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