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Update CS:GO on 06.07.17

Patches11:35, 07.06.2017
Update CS:GO on 06.07.17

June 7, 2017 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 63.7 MB. So, what was included in update cs 06.07.2017?

— Added listing of some gamemodes in CS:GO header in addition to maps.

— Fixed various bugs.
— Added Hydra competitive rank display to lobbies & nearby lobby display for Hydra modes.
— Flying Scoutsman: Increase sv_airaccelerate from 477 to 20000.
— Stab Stab Zap: Replaced dust2 with shorttrain.

— Fixed fade-to-black bug in Deathmatch on cs_insertion.
— Updated de_shipped to latest version from mapmakers.
— Fixed a regression in lighting for old community maps that interacted badly with new lighting features. Newer maps with lighting problems can be fixed by recompiling them in Hammer.
— Added player clipping above boxes at CT spawn in de_shortdust to prevent visibility in unintended areas.

— Added more back-end UI work in preparation for Panorama switch. Please report any new UI bugs to
— Fixed tickrate-dependence in spray patterns for fast-firing weapons. Thanks SlothSquadron & friends!
— Fixed incorrect skin tones on some player gloves.
— Fixeded a bug where 2v2 scoreboard would show round win icons for the first half on the wrong side after halftime.
— Updated Operation Hydra gamemode names used in Rich Presence.




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