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Update CS:GO on 01.05.18

Patches11:16, 05.01.2018
Update CS:GO on 01.05.18

5 January, 2018 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 66.1 MB. So, what was included in update cs 01.05.2018?

[BOSTON 2018]
— Flash Gaming is replacing Tyloo at the Boston 2018 Major:
– Flash Gaming stickers and graffiti are now available for purchase and are part of the ELEAGUE 2018 Boston CS:GO Major Championship Mega Bundle (the Mega Bundle no longer includes Tyloo).
– Boston 2018 Minor Challengers with Flash Gaming Autograph Capsule is now available (this capsule does not include Tyloo).
– Boston 2018 Minor Challengers with Flash Gaming (Holo/Foil) Capsule is now available (this capsule does not include Tyloo).
– The Tyloo Boston 2018 sticker is no longer a valid game piece for the Boston 2018 Pick’Em Challenge. Players who previously used a Tyloo sticker in the Pick’Em Challenge will need to make a new prediction.
– Updated in-game Boston 2018 signature for Ropz.

— In-game UI will correctly display subscribed Workshop maps in all versions of the game client.
— Enabled Steam Datagram Relays for 100% of game traffic to official game servers in Sweden.
— Fixed a bug where audio devices could sometimes not be changed properly in the settings menu.

— Adjusted Wingman spawn positions on Overpass and Cobblestone.




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