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New pro-mix in the UK

Miscellaneous09:55, 31.05.2016
New pro-mix in the UK

While all community continues to scale to discuss the recent conflict between contract and organizations #SKGaming #Luminosity, British CS introduced a wide audience his next mix, spent around veteran scene - Sam «#RattlesnK» Gouna.

RattlesnK considered at the moment the main cyber star in the UK CS: GO. This man often now and then collects the mix among their power players, who, unfortunately, did not get out to the world stage. After the speeches 4Kings sample # 2003-2007 headed by the legendary Mark «#Mangiacapra» Mandzhiakaproy more in CS 1.6 on the British scene was difficult to find a promising team, is not something that is now to mix.

But Sam «RattlesnK» Goan not the timid, and he continues to stubbornly pursue his own and has been recently RattlesnK introduced its next new mix called # Orgles5, who already played together for 2 months, and now the team is in search organization that will take them under his wing.

The structure includes Orgles5 a player like, Rice «Puls3» Marrs who is already a permanent teammate Sam, who has not played for a long time with RattlesnK composed EZSkins. Recall that EZSkins team was disbanded back in December 2015, after a six-month stay under this tegom.Krome Puls3 the structure included Pete «pt» Wright and Daniel «RE1EASE» Mullan.

These players are known for their performance on the stage in the CS: Source as part of mousesports, where both players have played all with the same RattlesnK. Closes the link in a new mix was the little-known Thomas «beta» Hannah. The team enlisted the support of a coach in the person of Jan «Immi» Harding, who previously played for the team FM eSports and Alter Your Ego.

Composition Orgles5:

-Sem «RattlesnK» Gown
-Ris «Puls3» Marrs
-Pit «Pt» Wright
-Daniel «RE1EASE» Mullan
-Thomas «Beta» Hanna

-Yang «Immi» Harding (coach)




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