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Maikelele of Gaming Paradise: «I'm not sure that we all pay the prize"

Championship18:29, 08.09.2015
Maikelele of Gaming Paradise: «I'm not sure that we all pay the prize"

The organizers of the Championship Gaming Paradise 2015, held in Slovenia from the start encountered a number of problems, which have resulted in numerous delays and transfers games.

According to the Star Team Kinguin, Mikail «Maikelele» Bill, the situation is so critical that the problems there are in everything. Bill calls a particular person responsible for this - CEO Gaming Paradise. "He is not doing its job, and he does not care enough. This approach, he creates problems for all participants. "

Gaming Paradise - new eSports Festival, initially launched with a number of problems. Difficulties began when computers were not delivered on time, which led to new problems. On the part of the situation is quite chaotic, with what Maikelele completely agree.

Haha, yes. More or less. The problem is simply everything. They did not have monitors, they did not have computers, and even when there were computers, they did not have video cards. The problem has become apparent before the start of the tournament. Seeing this, they said something like: "Oh shit, we have no graphics card - well, it is necessary to hold the tournament for four hours." Then they told us, the players, he will begin two hours later. We sat and waited for the start, and then they said that he was delayed for another two hours. Later, we went back and again we were told - an hour or two. As a result, the tournament was delayed for 13 hours.

Gaming Paradise by the tournament in Slovenia the company does The Gaming Resort. And after all the delays and cancellations on Dota 2 Championship Maikelele came to the conclusion that a large part of the responsibility for this lies with one person.

The problem is the person who deals with the hire of absolutely everything. This is one of the owners of the company, which was entrusted to rent computers, monitors and all the rest, so you can play CS: GO. He is not doing its job and is not particularly worried about it. In this respect, it sticks to other people, other companies. That's the problem. They were all ashamed when we talk with them, with all the others, they did not want everything to be just like that, they simply want to undo it all.

During the tournament Team Kinguin were to meet with Natus Vincere. However, the match was moved many times during the day. Before the match, I gave a fairly pessimistic Maikelele comment.

- What do you think about this meeting?

I do not know. Hard to say. They can be slow, irritable, and even evil. Plus, they're going to ESL ESEA Dubai, and most likely they will not be able to properly prepare for this championship. I think we have a great chance to win this tournament, but I'm not sure that we all pay the prize.

The person responsible for the rental of computers and monitors, named Sasha Bulich - he holds the position of CEO of the company The Gaming Resort. Reporters asked similar questions that were answered Maikelele, and that's what he thinks about the problems with computers: "We had a single problem with the computers and the hours-long delay was due to a series of difficulties."

Despite this, Bulich denies accusations of negligent attitude to the situation: "That's not true. Simply not true. This is my natural behavior when there is a stuffing of adrenaline - I smile. People can not understand this. Because of this, I get into a lot of trouble. I'm really sorry, all I was doing, went down the drain. Sometimes luck, and sometimes not. We are doing everything we can to fix it. "

- How do you intend to deal with such difficulties in the future?

When I organize the next tournament, this will not happen again. Most likely, I will leave from office and find someone who will be able to cope better than me.




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