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The team NiP worse and worse play from tournament to tournament

Miscellaneous11:08, 30.06.2015
The team NiP worse and worse play from tournament to tournament

Recently Ninjas In Pyjamas do not show such results, to which their fans are accustomed to. In his article lurppis tries to find solutions to problems once a top team and has three areas for further development.

Three variants of solving problems Ninjas In Pyjamas

Everyone knows that NiP now experiencing recession and lackluster results in the online tournaments and the last place on Gfinity Spring Masters direct proof, so we would like to offer several possible solutions to their problems.

One thing we know for sure: they missed their chance in the tournament ESL ESEA Pro League's with a prize of 500 000 $, and is likely to miss and FACEIT Finals, and in general, the team is not the same that before, and something needs to be changed.

NiP - a team with an established structure, and they are not likely to change in this regard, but the time passes, and the results of all there is, and if the situation will continue to go in the same spirit, then you may want to consider the option and change in the composition of.

Break in tournaments, training and bootcamp

Since then, as Aleksi "allu" Jalli joined on ESL One Katowice, NiP took part in six live tournaments fifteen weekends. It seems that not so much as half, or even more, weekends free, but when you consider all transfers and online games that are played Swedes schedule this spring and summer, the team obtained very dense.

ESL One Cologne will be held in August, and NiP already passed the qualification, so as long as possible Ninjas should be avoided tournaments and online leagues. For example, to play Gfinity, then make a two-week break the team and take a break from Counter-Strike at all, and then laid out for five weeks, until the next major.

Take a break from Counter-Strike - it does not mean to completely forget about the game. Often, players successfully visualize the games and game situations and can think through many tactical points and solve problems that have already arisen as a team, doing things completely unrelated to the game.

The team has a permanent coach Joona "natu" Leppänen, who could spend two weeks with the team, looking at and analyzing matches with players details, in order to learn something new. Break should regain strength in the team, and can also give players the opportunity to find solutions to the problems, then to apply it in practice.

The new coach, a new style of play, new NiP

Leppänen, coach NiP did wonders for the team to that has some problems with communication or teamwork, or if they tied disputes during matches, but NiP these problems is not, and this is one of their strengths . However, the problem with the tactics they are present.

Since then, they have added Mikail "Maikelele" Bill for the lead role AWP sniper their main problem has not changed. Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson knows the team better than any other player, also shares this opinion. Tactics NiP super predictable. Each top teams knows exactly their style of play and what to expect from them. They play a very standard Counter-Strike, but it no longer works.

NiP problem is that earlier they had two players ranked in the top 5 players in the world, and two very good fragger, and now they have one player who can play as a superstar if he, of course, impact, and one more, but he is now even a star does not pull. In short, if you had to assemble an imaginary team of star players before choosing someone from NiP, it can be called at least ten players better, if you do not take into account the issues of communication and nationality.

What worked when they were the most experienced team now no longer works, as well as the NiP does not intend to make changes in the team, though, good candidates anyway yet, they need a coach who will focus on tactics. Immediately comes to mind Björn "THREAT" Pers, but he is unlikely to agree to a permanent job, even though two months could instruct NiP on the right path.

NiP is necessary to rebuild his game from scratch. They need someone like Pers, which would look at everything from the outside and help them look at their game from a different angle. Teamwork and mutual understanding in NiP is still quite good. and they have enough skill to fight for the title. Just everyone knows how to Control, and why they need to change the style of the game.

Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund should as soon as possible to forget about the past, if he still does it, to concentrate, to squeeze out everything that you can to become a better player, and Richard "Xizt" Landström should just accept this fact and take more the responsibility of the game in the middle. But even this does not change the fact that NiP were not in a position to change their style, so they need someone who can do it for them.

For Pers'a it would be a chance to win a major tournament. He would have to spend the rest of the summer of Counter-Strike, but for him it would be an interesting challenge. Either managers NiP could overpay for services Johansson - it is without a doubt, has not stale tactical experience and could set the team in the right direction.

THREAT could become the new coach

To revive the team needs fresh blood

These thoughts NiP resist most. They refused to let Johansson'a, despite the problems with it, that cost a few titles, though perhaps it helped the team somehow different. Now, the team does not want to rush to solutions. If you look at the top players NiP in 2015, we see that they are no longer what they used to, and if they can not catch up in terms of tactics, then they need to improve individual skill.

Alesund'a and Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg'a can still be called stars, and even the first superstar, but because of the volatility on the game, this status is reflected less, so they can not drag the whole year Ninjas on the podium. Jalli does its job well, the average rating Landström'a at best, 1.01, and play Adam "friberg" Friberg'a for almost a year a negative effect on NiP, since the tournament ESL One Cologne.

If NiP can find a coach who can lead the team behind him in the game, they certainly need to do that. If Landström still willing to take the necessary team responsible for the game in the middle of the game, which can contribute to the coach, he has to stay and do it. Otherwise, you may want to get rid of him and Friberg'a, which should go first, if NiP reach up changes since his last meal was too long.

The team could take the talent of recent LGB Simon "twist" Eliasson'a, that would be a good versatile player, or his former teammate Dennis "dennis" Edman'a, who was also decent, versatile player, who was not in last place when LGB took top place. In other words, NiP could choose a couple of ex-players LGB possibly former player fnatic Andreas "schneider" Lindberg'a and hope that they will bring them back to the top.

Simon "twist" Eliasson - a possible newcomer NiP




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