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BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo schedule revealed

Championship00:16, 15.03.2019
BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo schedule revealed

The organizers of the BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo 2019 announced the schedule of the upcoming championship, which will be held March 23 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The championship will begin with a group stage in the Round Robin BO1 format, according to the results of which 2 of the strongest teams will be in the grand final and will compete for first place. The total prize fund of the championship is $ 250,000. As before, in a similar tournament, the team, which will take the third place in the group stage, will play in the match with the opponent chosen by it. The winning team will receive an additional $ 20,000.

Preliminary schedule for BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo 2019:

Saturday, March 23
01:00 FaZe vs. NiP BO1
01:00 MiBR vs. ENCE BO1
01:00 Astralis vs. Liquid BO1
02:30 Astralis vs. ENCE BO1
02:30 FaZe vs. MiBR BO1
02:30 NiP vs. Liquid BO1
19:00 ENCE vs. NiP BO1
19:00 Liquid vs. FaZe BO1
19:00 Astralis vs. MiBR BO1
20:20 MiBR vs. Liquid BO1
20:20 ENCE vs. FaZe BO1
20:20 Astralis vs. NiP BO1
21:40 ENCE vs. Liquid BO1
21:40 MiBR vs. NiP BO1
21:40 Astralis vs. FaZe BO1
23:00 Stand-off match
23:55 Grand Final BO3




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