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ESL Masters Spain teams set

Championship09:40, 25.03.2017
ESL Masters Spain teams set

ESL Spain, which recently merged with Movistar, a subsidiary of Telefonica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, announced their new CS: GO League in the company's flagship store in Madrid. The league will have a prize fund of 22.100 euros, as well as money allocated to help teams during LAN finals.

The first team, which took place in the first of several qualifying tournaments, was Nevermind, which overturned several other more experienced teams.

The second qualification saw ex-x6tence with AWPer Rajohn "EasTor" Linato, which now plays like KELOKEE. Finally, the last four teams qualified in the last two qualifying tournaments were x6tence, Arctic, Baskonia and AIE.

The prize fund for the league will be 22.100 €. Of these, 100 € will be paid for the victory in the regular season, and the rest, over 16.000 euros, will be played in the LAN finals. ESL Spain will also provide 20.000 €, available for teams to pay for transportation, accommodation and meals.

The first season of the ESL Masters starts on April 17 and will consist of 14 game days, which will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays. Each team will play with each other twice, with six of the best teams from the league, qualified for the LAN final in June.

Full list of teams for the first season of ESL Masters Spain:




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