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Interviews son1a about female CS:GO

Miscellaneous16:01, 19.09.2015
Interviews son1a about female CS:GO

Editor talked to son1a career, the women's e-sports and life outside the game.

Hello, son1a!

Tell us a few words about yourself, for those who are not very familiar with your eSports career.

Hi! My name is Sofia.

The team plays professionally in 2004. European Champion in the Russian team on Counter-Strike in 2010, repeated champion of Russia, in particular, a series of tournaments ASUS. The team MoscowFive female, won bronze champion ESWC 2011. And the world champion under version Rockstar World Cup 2012. I am the team captain MoscowFive Angels on discipline CSGO.

How is your team? What do future plans, objectives?

After a long break, but rather after the Counter-Strike 1.6 is dead, long time I could not bring myself to start playing csgo, but as they say, former gamers do not happen and I decided to raise their champions to start playing again. We all understand that the game is completely different and it will be very hard, but we still decided to try it. Since then, four months have passed and the composition is constantly changing, the players who played before that I won tournaments, do not play. Currently Moscow five female staff there. But I'm working hard to create a miracle of female CS in Russia do not know, is it worth it in the near future, I think everything will be clear.

Okay. And what can you tell us about the attitude of friends and acquaintances to your work? How did people react to what you play CS: GO, and pro-level?

My parents have always supported me, I had to travel frequently to the bootcamp in Moscow and championships, but they always respected my "hobby". All my friends - it kibersportsmeny, we had our own world (smiles), its Tusa. As for people who have no idea what the e-sports, when they asked questions about the way my work seriously this activity or who did not take the computer toys, nothing more. But now, when eSports came at a very serious level, and tournaments going full stadium of fans, when I show all the people who laughed at this, they are shocked to react and take back his words.


Recently, some cyber organizations expressed their desire to change society's attitude to the girls-competitive players. Do you think this question is a real problem?

I do not understand the subject matter, but I'll try to answer. I heard only that women want to raise e-sports by mixed teams and tournaments, plus girls guys, these teams will be able to speak at normal tournaments. I have already expressed my opinion on this matter, as it coincides with the opinion of many pro igrokov- guys. Mixed composition never win against a top men's team, it's spectacular for the first couple of times, but it is absolutely meaningless. If they want to raise the female eSports need to spend more online leagues and LAN-tournaments, then there will be more women's teams, which may not be to break up every week, the players will be the motivation to play and win, not just to show off in front of friends " I'm the girl who famously played by the Constitutional Court. " But then again, fans of the female CS is not so much fans of the "spectacle" virtually none from the boys, and it becomes clear why so few tournaments because the organizers did not advantageous to hold them.

Good. And what can be said in general about women's e-sports? How is? Do you like the changes that are taking place? What do you think is the main problem in the women's e-sports?

Well, I have not said enough about women's eSports :) When I played in 1.6, it was all very different approach from the players was quite different, and there were other players do not even know. Who better to show off than a game. Before we drove to the base before the tournament and we bezvylazno preparing for the championship. Now women's teams, I'm talking about the CIS, is unlikely to have an idea of how the bootcamp and big LAN-tournament, all used to play online :) championships are not many, so this investigation.


On the men's CS: GO-stage often appear new talented players. What about female gamers?

Honestly? Women's community is now quite different than three years ago, so I do not know almost nobody. And from the number of players, with whom I could play and learn, I can choose a couple of very promising girls that if they learn and grow, become very valuable players.


Let's digress a little from the eSports. What are you even doing besides CS?

Now I give a lot of their time stream, Mikhail Stolyarov aka Dosia, so to speak, knocked me to start a stream, and I am now fully plunged into the stream. The rest of my free time I spend with family and friends.

And finally, what team do you support most? It may have a favorite player?

Certainly for HellRaisers, this team plays great people, my friends, I am very grateful for eSports, he introduced me to these people! I always get sick with all my heart for the composition and hope that the guys ahead are just waiting for victory! My favorite player is Michael Stolyarov – Dosia.


And further? What movie can you advise? Why is that?

Well, besides the fact that I igromanka, I love horror games take place, by the way, the latter is unreal cool game, I did not go without the help of a friend, because it is unrealistic terrible This Allien Isolation, the best game of this genre, in my opinion, well, Outlast - is also one of the last.

I also kinomanka :) Also, do not change the genre of horror and thrillers, I love Marvel Comics movies or just good science fiction. My top at the moment: Snatch, IronMan, Avengers, The Descent 1 and The Descent 2.


Well, it's time to call it a day. A few words in farewell to their fans and audience? 

Thanks to all who follow my Stream will try to please you more often. Subscribe to my public and thank you for the opportunity to portal to give this interview. I wish them success and development! 


Soon a new interview If you want that we talked to some player, commentator or tape drive, write in the comments.




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