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IEM Gamescom 2015: EnVyUs celebrating victory!

Championship18:07, 08.08.2015
IEM Gamescom 2015: EnVyUs celebrating victory!

Until the fourth day's play IEM Gamescom managed to "survive" only three of the six teams: EnVyUs, Team SoloMid and Renegades. Last for the second day in a row on the verge of relegation with only one "life" of stock.

During yesterday's game the first Intel Extreme Masters tournament on CS: GO left just three teams. SK Gaming succumbed to his countrymen of TSM on two cards in a row. This map de_cobblestone ended at 19:15 overtime and ended de_overpass quick victory SoloMid - 16: 6.

Counter Logic Gaming and become a victim of TSM, and mousesports parted with two "lives" during the confrontation with EnVyUs, losing on the map de_dust2 (16: 8) and de_train (19:16). The French team also managed to retain all of its "life", giving mouz map de_train - 11:16.

The final game day of the championship opened the meeting of Danes and Australians. Renegades have remained only one "life" and they are an easy target for Team SoloMid. It was the scene of the map de_dust2, where TSM began to protect. The meeting was held in one-sided mode: Danes played confidently in the defense (12: 3), and then went for the attack and without any problems "put the squeeze" competitors, giving only one round - 16: 4.

Grand Final, faced foreheads two original favorites of the tournament, thanks to its format could take up to six cards, but a great form of the updated composition of Team EnVyUs greatly accelerated business. The first and second cards have been under the full control of the French team. On the map de_cache, won with a score of 16: 3, EnVyUs showed a great game in attack, taking twelve rounds per side (12: 3), and the victory at de_cobblestone was only a matter of time - 16: 9.

Team SoloMid could not resist EnVyUs
The French looked better in all aspects, beginning and ending with the shooting tactics. The Danes were still chances to turn the course of the finals on de_inferno, because the format allowed them to take three cards in a row, with only one "life", but the emphasis on B-Plenty for the attack has not brought the expected results (12: 3), and the game's Defence It was not as ideal as we would like - 16:12.

The distribution of the prize fund:

1) Team EnVyUs - $ 45 500
2) Team SoloMid - $ 15,500
3) Renegades - $ 6500 (+ $ 5000 as payment for the cost of the trip)
4) mousesports - $ 5500
5) SK Gaming - $ 4,500
6) Counter Logic Gaming - $ 2500 (+ $ 5000 as payment for the cost of the trip)




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