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Flamie officially became part of NaVi

Miscellaneous19:00, 12.04.2015
Flamie officially became part of NaVi

The guy from Russia under the name flamie HellRaisers left the team about a month ago. He spent three weeks was stend-in'om team Natus Vincere. Today his internship ended and he became a regular player of "Born to Win". This command was replaced, the player Sergey «starix» Ishukov became the coach of the team, and came to the last flamie "post» starix'a.

From the very beginning of the internship in NaVi Egor Vasiliev participated in several online tournaments, as well as LAN-finals of the twelfth season StarLadder'a. A small part of the fans NaVi was skeptical about Yegor, but most welcome his move to this team, as he is for a short period of time showed all his skills, as well as the presence of motivation. Despite the fact that the results are averages NaVi, players and organization happy with the new member.

Natus Vincere sure that signing flamie allow them to return to the category of the top teams in the world. After NaVi were among the first in CS 1.6, and in CS: GO. Good luck to the team!




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