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Fan CS:GO helped more than 3000 ban cheaters, releasing fake cheat

Miscellaneous11:27, 01.02.2016
Fan CS:GO helped more than 3000 ban cheaters, releasing fake cheat

User forums Reddit Valve's ban helped more than 3 million cheaters in CS: GO, releasing several fake hacks for two weeks. Besides the standard manipulation of viewing angles, extension of ammunition and health programs also perform some other functions in order to do everything to the anti-cheat system VAC received a message from the creator of hacks.

The result works gamer under the name AndroidL was 3000 cheaters who went to the ban. Remarkably, the author tried to do everything possible so that the system has blocked the accounts of the largest possible number of users.

"In the first two programs was the timer, after which the activated functionality, which allows the system to identify cheaters VAC. This means that the bans were activated at a certain time, for example, at 10 pm on the day of release. Last hack, which gathered 3.5 thousand downloads allowed the system to immediately identify the cheaters, as soon as they log into the game, "- said the author.

It is noteworthy that the number of downloads hacks exceeded 5.5 million, of which has been banned for more than 3 thousand only the last of them. The first two releases in the sum still allowed to block 2000 cheaters. The number of display-cheat programs amounted to more than 26 thousand.

It is worth noting that the crusade AndroidL is not the first war against cheaters ordinary gamers. A year ago, helped by receiven block more than 300 cheaters in CS: GO, and spoke about his achievement users of Reddit. That's his story inspired AndroidL more ambitious undertaking.




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