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European teams for CS: GO demanded to cancel the direct invitation to the minor-tournaments

Championship19:23, 17.10.2016
European teams for CS: GO demanded to cancel the direct invitation to the minor-tournaments

11 European teams sent an open letter to the organizers of PGL Regional Minor Championship Europe. The groups asked him to cancel the direct invitation to the tournament and to revise the format of qualifying.

The letter urged the organizers to enter the open and closed phases of qualifying, as do many organizations, including DreamHack. In addition the team need to clean the system of direct invitations to tournaments.

Text of the letter:
"One of the main values ​​in CS:. GO - equal chances for all teams Never before in the history of" Minor "team did not receive direct invitations Remember that the competing teams have already gone a long way to get on the" majors ", since online. -otborochnyh and ending with the "Minor" and qualifications to "major" invites four of the eight teams directly and force other teams to fight with each other -. fair.

In the world there is no universally accepted rating system CS command: GO, and therefore no direct invitation to "Minor" simply can not be. Otherwise, if it was used for the issuance of invitations rating, organizers must be clearly indicated that the team knew in advance about how to simplify your qualification on the "majors." All teams must pass the selection on equal terms. Closed online qualifiers with seeding teams looks good compromise solution, but it is too far from the current system, which we consider unjust.

First, we expect that in the next 48 hours Valve and PGL change "direct invitation" to "Invitations to the qualification" for the invited teams directly: fnatic, Heroic, HellRaisers and Space Soldiers. The two online qualification should allow the four teams from each qualifying pass in the "Minor".

We also hope that the next selection on the "Minor" will be announced at least a month before they begin. Implementation of combined qualifying for Europe and the CIS must be at least discuss before the next "major label". We hope to receive feedback and discuss all the items together to improve the existing system. "

In the Monday, October 10, PGL sent direct invitations to the championship four teams from Europe - fnatic, Heroic, HellRaisers and Space Soldiers. Other participants of the Regional Minor Championship Europe were to decide to open an online qualifications from 18 to 21 October.

Members of the petition hope that these changes will affect not only the minor-European tournament, but the championship in the CIS region. And in the future the new format will be used at all, "Minor" of the world.

List of teams that have signed the petition:
BPro Gaming
Crowns Esports Club
ENCE eSports
Epsilon eSports
Guerilla Method
PENTA Sports
Team Kinguin
tRICKED eSport

It also signed a letter G2A coach CS: GO Jakob «kuben» Gurzhinski.




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