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ESL introduced anti-doping measures

Championship11:28, 09.08.2015
ESL introduced anti-doping measures

ESL have announced that they will introduce measures to combat drugs and doping in their tournaments after statements from some players about doping.

Doping and drugs in eSports:

Recent revelations "SEMPHIS" ​​that Cloud9 players took Adderall (psihostimuliruyuschy drug used in creased attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) at the games in ESL One Katowice, caused heated discussion about doping in eSports.

For the implementation of anti-doping, ESL started to cooperate with the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), which they have helped to create an anti-doping policy of respecting the privacy of the players. As the company ESL planned meetings and consultations with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for obespeniya its policy in the fight against drugs in the United States and Asia.

"Examination of NADA and WADA will ESL be prevented in the fight against drugs which will involve all the players participating in the tournament organized by ESL. This program will help ensure that all the players have the support in the fight against physical and emotional pressure on the games." - Said the ESL.

So for ESL One in Cologne and at the subsequent tournaments, where she is attending ESL, all players check for doping.




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