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ESL One Cologne 2015: Results of the first day's play

Championship13:40, 20.08.2015
ESL One Cologne 2015: Results of the first day's play

It is time to sum up the first day ESL One Cologne 2015. Yesterday the group stage gave us a total of 12 interesting and intense matches, the results of which are sometimes surprised, and occasionally disappointed us. Whom praise and blame someone - look further!

Group "A»: Team SoloMid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Counter Logic Gaming, Renegades

From the outset, the group "A" were two distinct favorite - Swedes and Danes. However, the applicants in the face of the Americans and the Australians have shown a very good game. Thus, in the first match of the NiP barely cope with the CLG, snatching victory in the heavy de_dust2. In turn, the players Renegades gave battle TSM, but the latter still proved to be stronger. The meeting was supposed to be the winners of the decoration band, but has become a real disaster. Danes rink literally toured the Swedish "ninja" on de_cache, ending the match with indecent account 16: 3. Perhaps it is too early to judge, but if you draw conclusions from the first two matches, it becomes quite clear why NiP all came to Germany with a weak training.

Group "B»: Team EnVyUs, Luminosity Gaming, Team Kinguin, Flipsid3 Tactics

Unlike the first group, then the teams were about equal in strength. Perhaps only the French could be considered relative to the leader, but after the recent reshuffle of the tournament capacity to analyze the more difficult. Everything in its place set up the match between Team EnVyUs and Flipsid3 Tactics. Map de_inferno will long dream of the players from the CIS in nightmares, well, the French earn easy three points. In a parallel meeting of Brazilians Luminosity confidently beat mix European Team Kinguin, teach them a lesson on de_overpass. The final group game was a standoff Team EnVyUs and Luminosity Gaming on de_cobblestone. This match was really tense and entertaining, and she clashes between the teams reached the overtime.

Group "C»: Fnatic, Natus Vincere, eBettle, Titan Esports

It's hard to argue with the best team in the world, and Fnatic once again confirm that this title are deserved. The outcome of the game between the Swedes and the Poles, it was hard to make a mistake. Still eBettle were at the head of his less famous rivals. But the French game and Na`Vi was much more interesting. Map de_overpass dragged on until overtime, strong-willed victory in the team which won the CIS. However, the players enjoy Na`Vi had for long. Match with Fnatic on de_inferno was a real slap in the face for "Born to Win", which showed the level of the game the team eBattle. Total group: Fnatic - uncontrollable and apparently determined to win the tournament, but to Natus Vincere is possible to address the same issues as a NiP two paragraphs above.

Group «D»:, Cloud 9, mousesports, Team Immunity

Perhaps, at the end of the first day it was the only group that has done without unexpected results. Poles are confident both finished their meeting with the same score of 16: 8 and reached the stage of the playoffs from the first place. But for the second line could well turn out an interesting fight, but de_overpass Cloud 9 team was stronger than "mice" from Germany.

Here are a few highlights of the first day.




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