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ESL ESEA Dubai: Hot results of the second day's play

Championship15:34, 12.09.2015
ESL ESEA Dubai: Hot results of the second day's play

The second game day ESL ESEA Dubai pleased all fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive colorful variety of meetings, which are from the first day of the tournament format is different - bo3. The first game ended for the day Team SoloMid and early access to the final, and control groups have continued for the second place.

The day opened with two confrontations Swedish and French CS: GO scenes. In the match for the playoffs first met Team EnVyUs and Ninjas in Pyjamas, then Fnatic and Titan Esports.

The second finalist of the "A" group decided during the confrontation on two cards. New coach NiP allowed them to play the game more liberated, which will positively impact on their results. The match began on the map de_dust2, which took place in intense combat, after the Swedes won the first half (11: 4). Team EnVyUs tried to make a comeback, but the difference in the score was playing into the hands of NiP, managed to arri remaining five team points for a victory - 16:13.

The second card is held in a one-sided mode: Ninjas in Pyjamas again started the game for the attack and showed excellent game in attack (10: 5), immediately reduced the chances of winning their rivals to a minimum. Turning to protect, NiP conceded just two rounds of the French players, having beaten off six attacks - 16: 7. Hero de_inferno became f0rest, finished the game with 23 frags and 12 deaths.

Clear favorites to the output from the second place of the group "B" were Fnatic, has already met with Titan in during the group stage (16: 6 @ de_cobblestone). Format bo3 privnёs not any significant changes: the Swedes easily won on the map de_train (16: 5), and then secure its success on de_inferno, which was given more difficult - 16:13. Better than the rest of players have shown themselves olofmeister and flusha, completed maps with statistics 23/13 and 28/18 respectively.

His first semi-final match held NiP and Team SoloMid. Danish team initially considered the favorite of the meeting, which was confirmed in the course of the game. The first map, de_dust2, left for the Swedes: a great game in attack, as well as individual contributions have helped f0rest Ninjas in Pyjamas start the match on a high note (16: 7).

The next two cards have been under the control of Team SoloMid. Starting de_mirage to protect the Danes failed to reflect the seven attacks undertaken by opponents (8: 7), but even taken eight rounds was enough for them to win. After the change of sides TSM won eight missing points, losing only one - 16: 8. The winner was determined on de_inferno, where both teams showed their peak in the first half: Team SoloMid took seven rounds in the attack, which guaranteed their strong start after the transition of protection. NiP failed to show an equally confident game in the attack, which led them to a logical defeat - 16:10.

Completed the second matchday ESL ESEA Dubai grand confrontation between and Fnatic. Some have already become a tradition at major championships semifinal meeting these teams gave the audience a lot of bright moments. The match began with the victory of the Swedes on the map de_cobblestone: Starting to protect, VP failed to keep most of the attacks of rivals, and that was the reason for the defeat - 16: 7.

Poles equalized on the map de_train, one of the best cards in his repertoire. One-sided game in the defense (11: 4) was supplemented by victory in the pistol round for the attack, which led to a quick victory and a third map (16: 5). The second finalist Localization de_cache, where started for the attack. Amazing game snax'a and byali, as well as the overall success of the team work virtually destroyed Fnatic - just before changing the Swedes managed to win four points (11: 4). Turning to protect, VP again took pistoletku, providing a more simple way into the Grand Final - 16: 4.




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