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ESL ESEA Dubai: Hot results of the first day's play

Championship19:26, 11.09.2015
ESL ESEA Dubai: Hot results of the first day's play

After a disastrous Gaming Paradise tournament ESL ESEA Dubai has become a breath of fresh air for all fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Of course, the first day was not without minor delays, but the overall impression of the games played there exclusively positive.

Recall that initially in this tournament were 6 teams taking part, but then the organizers have expanded the pool of teams to more usual 8 positions. Needless to say that the UAE came only the strongest team? I think it is so obvious to everyone.

The first match of Group "A" was a game between Team EnVyUs and Cloud 9. The Americans gave a good fight on de_cobblestone, but the French have broken rivals in the second half and ended the match in their favor. In opposition vs Ninjas in Pyjamas Poles from the start of the match looked more confident. The Swedes decided to play de_mirage - is not his strongest card, for which he eventually paid.

In a match vs Team EnVyUs was something incredible. The Poles won the attack on de_cache with a score of 15: 0 and almost finished the match in complete defeat opponents, but after the change of sides are able to take the pistol round and score a few rounds.

The last match of group "A" in the first game day was the game between The Cloud 9 and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Shoot rivals have decided on de_dust2, and then it came to overtime. In a series of special stages proved to be a little lucky Swedes.

In group "B", too, was something to see. First Fnatic confidently beat Titan Esports on de_cobblestone, and then Team SoloMid leaving no chance Natus Vincere on de_overpass. But the game turned out to be really hot winners. Bitter rival - the Swedes and Danes agreed on de_dust2, and the second time that day, this card is presented to the audience a series of overtime. The fight was equal, but players Team Solomid played better in mikromomentah that allowed them to finish the match in their favor.

In the final match Natus Vincere met Titan Esports all the same de_cobblestone. The French side have won the confidence of attack, but the team from the CIS after the change of sides the same success could not boast. "Titans" without any problems dodavit rivals and drove them from the tournament.




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