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ESEA forced the team to change its name

Miscellaneous00:39, 25.09.2015
ESEA forced the team to change its name

The organizers of the ESEA, one of the largest online leagues CS: GO, decided to amend the rules to prevent the advertising of sites that specialize in e-sports betting. Recently, the Counter-Strike scene was seen by the growing number of groups, signed by various bookmakers. A striking example is the team Dobry Gaming, which has taken under his wing platform CSGO Lounge.

The desire to distance itself from the wagering games, not only the fans but also the players themselves can be caused by a memorable scandal that shook North American CS: GO scene eight months ago. After a big scandal with a dummy match lost by intentional, several well-known and talented players have received a ban for all major tournaments.

Chief Operating Officer Brett «Few» Sheffield has announced that all the teams that are directly sponsored by bookmakers will be prompted to change the name to neutral. Otherwise, they are waiting for disqualification from the league or tournament in which they participate. "Those who have chosen to sponsor betting service, will not be able to actively promote its command name or tag" - said Sheffield.

One of the groups that came under anti-stavochnye sanctions became Lounge Gaming, which currently serves as part of the twentieth season of the Premier League title under the previous ESEA Dobry Gaming. The Polish team, which takes part in the LAN-championship DreamHack Open Stockholm in 2015, has received notification that he could not use the names or CSGL Lounge Gaming League on ESEA.

Last week, the team was renamed the eBettle Vexed Gaming, to distance the team from the activities associated with the rates. It is likely that many groups, including the Lounge Gaming, will soon follow suit. Recall that the victory in the Premier League ESEA gives teams the opportunity to go to the big leagues - ESL ESEA Pro League.




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