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DEVIL assembled a new team of French players

Transfers10:53, 05.11.2016
DEVIL assembled a new team of French players

Former player EnVyUs reported that his own team gathered under the name Queen Consolidated
Previously, Timothy "DEVIL" Demolon EnVyUs left and on the conditions of transfer joined the Millenium, taking the place of Christoph "SIXER" Xia. In addition to participating as a player, under the banner of his new team, DEVIL acted as Red Instinct coach that qualified for the ESWC 2016, but did not show the proper game at the tournament.
Today it became known that the experienced French player will not continue their way into the Millenium and creates his own team, which will bear the name of Queen Consolidated. The composition of the two players hit Red Instinct - LoWkii and MAIDHEN, as well as the well-known duo from LDLC - XpG and BouLy.
"After leaving the EnVyUs, I decided to take a break until January and wait when some players are freed. But last week, when I coached the Red Instict, the desire to play again came back to me. Red Instict collapsed, which allowed me to take her two players this team. at the moment, we are in search of the organization. " - Commented on the event DEVIL.

The actual composition of Queen Consolidated:
Timothée "DEVIL" Démolon
Théo "LoWkii" Téchené​
Corentin "MAIDHEN" Lashermes
Guillaume "XpG" Veron
Charbel "BouLy" Naoum




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