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COLON and minet return in TANTRUM

Transfers20:37, 25.03.2017
COLON and minet return in TANTRUM

Two famous Danish players Oliver "minet" Minet and Morten "COLON" Johansen announced their new team, which will join TANTRUM.

Together with ex-player mTw Oliver "minet" Minet and Morten "COLON" Johansen, whose AWP left a mark at the beginning of CS: GO, Morten "suraNga" Jensen, who played minet with Airwalkers two years ago, will join the team.

Philip "tekziNz" Karsbøl with the 22-year-old Benjamin "cube" Stabell become the last players of the TANTRUM line-up.

In the role of coach will be Mark "MarcK" Kjærgaard, which was also part of the Airwalkers project in 2015.

Here's what the leader of the tekziNz team said about the team:

"First of all, I want to say what an honor it is to play with such talented and experienced minds as minet, coloN and suraNga. They make my IGL work easy. "

"We have been playing for some time and with such pleasure we are watching the development and progress in the team. I think that in this composition there is an excellent mixture of firepower. "

"In addition, we have convinced the experienced coach MarcK, he is making a big contribution, which makes progress even faster. So far we will play under the tag TANTRUM ».

TANTRUM consists of the following players:

Philip "tekziNz" Karsbøl
Oliver "minet" Minet
Morten "COLON" Johansen
Morten "suraNga" Jensen
Benjamin "cube" Stabell

Marc "MarcK" Kjærgaard (coach)




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