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Na`Vi win GO:CL Season 1

Championship14:44, 12.08.2015
Na`Vi win GO:CL Season 1

Just a few minutes ago ended with the final match in the Global Offensive: Champions League # 1, which is carried out jointly with Dreamz Media Twitch, SteelSeries and G2A. The League is a kind of analogue D2CL in CS: GO and for the first time, bringing together 10 teams worthy.

The winner was the team Natus Vincere, with absolute certainty that overcame group and playoff stages. At the end of "Born to Win" met with Team Dignitas, beating them 3-0.

League itself was able to collect a number of worthy groups, among whom were the three leading CIS-team - Natus Vincere, FlipSid3 Tactics and HellRaisers. Also, do not forget about the presence of, which, although not included in the list of winners, but also played well.

Group stage GO: CL launched on 3 March and lasted a little more than 3 months, to be completed in early June. According to the results of 8 of the 10 teams have been in the playoffs stage, and the last two places went to German team mousesports and Penta Sports, left the tournament. First place in the group thanks to 4 wins and a draw in five games bo2-matches took it Natus Vincere. Second place went to a group of Polish squad, which also proved to be very good. See the results of the group stage can be in the report.

Since the beginning of the playoff stage Na`Vi and guaranteed a place in the semifinals of the top grid. The above-CIS teams - FlipSid3 Tactics and HellRaisers - began his speech with earlier stages and almost immediately fell into the bottom grid. In the first round losers mesh these teams met in the internal opposition, and was stronger than "Hellraiser". The following matches HR managed to open up and went too far - to the final bottom of the grid. There they lost to the Danes of Dignitas, and have taken the final third.

As for the champions of the tournament, Natus Vincere, they won their class in the semi-final and final matches at the top of the grid, as well as demonstrated the inimitable game in the grand final, which allowed them to beat Team Digntas twice and take first place. See all results "born to win" in the playoffs stage possible in the report or in the image below:

It is impossible not to note a great prolixity of the tournament in time. Event last as long as 5 months. As stated by the administrators of the League, this is due to the busy summer schedule at the participating teams of the tournament, because of which it was difficult to find matchdays. One can only hope that next season the organizers will hold better than their debut tournament - although it is not known whether viewers will see the second season at all.

The final distribution of the prize fund:

Natus Vincere - $ 15,000
Team Dignitas - $ 8000
HellRaisers - $ 5000
1337 - $ 2000




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