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Former players TSM created their own organization Astralis

Miscellaneous17:11, 19.01.2016
Former players TSM created their own organization Astralis

Team Question Mark (under this tag team played after leaving TSM) were without the organization at the end of November and since that time they began to look for new options for the continuation of his career, which would have made all the players in the financial plan, and organizational. Even though some of the best deals, the players still decided that the best option would be to create their own organization, which is called Astralis. Team remained unchanged, but now the team coach appeared - Danny «zonic» Sorensen, who joined the company in early January.

It is important for all members of the team was to create conditions that are worthy of one of the best teams in the world. It is not just about salaries, but also on the conditions of the contracts, which should not be overloaded with unnecessary worries of players that can affect the quality of the projections in the team tournament.

For the existence of the organization Astralis needed financial support, which will provide investors in the face of a business angel and Tommy Ahlers company Sunstone Capital. Players also became co-owners of the organization and an opportunity to participate in the discussion of all important decisions and actions Astralis.
Players also want to preserve as much as possible an open relationship with the fans. On the part of the organization will be maintained transparency and honesty. The new organization of the players also got an opportunity to openly discuss all the cash receipts from the organization. Player's salary will be calculated based on the financial capacity of the sponsor. Nevertheless, investors are willing to openly discuss the financial requirements of the players.

Astralis boast the following lineup:
Nicolai «device» Reedtz
René «cajunb» Borg
Andreas «Xyp9x» Højsleth
Finn «karrigan» Andersen
Peter «dupreeh» Rasmussen

Danny «zonic» Sørensen (coach)

The first tournament for the team of Astralis will DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig 2016, which begins this Friday, January 22. The prize fund is $ 100,000.





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