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Binary Dragons did not agree with the general opinion Fluffy Gangsters

Transfers18:52, 03.06.2016
Binary Dragons did not agree with the general opinion Fluffy Gangsters

Winners #RegionalMinorChampionship: CIS - Fluffy Gangsters, abandoned BinaryDragons services, according to sources, the guys did not agree, so to speak, "characters".

The reason for this situation began, the conditions of the contract, and the long process of their podpisaniya.Napomnim that Fluffy Gangsters will take a week LAN-qualification to participate #ESLOneCologne 2016.Teper same FLG are again looking for new sponsors.

Binary Dragons announced unprofessional approach of the Russian-Belarusian team, and they said that the composition of FLG, may change in the near future.

In the turn FLG said they wanted a partnership, and they turn alerted by the fact that the BD team decided myself to go direct, promise them a "Gold Mountain" and all the best conditions, after such statements are steadfast we decided to suspend any negotiations with Binary Dragons, and yet remain under the banner FluffyGangsters.

Composition FLG:
-Anatoly «LiTTle» Yashin
-Leonid «Chopper» Visnyakov
Novelistic «roman» Redihin
-Vladislav «El Patron» Koptin
-Vladimir «ROBO» Multiplayer




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