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Astralis and Dignitas players exchanged

Transfers09:48, 20.05.2016
Astralis and Dignitas players exchanged

Apparently, the latest crisis has seriously spoiled the atmosphere within the team Astralis. The Danes decided to replace one player and have the new members prepare for the subsequent major tournament.

In the last two LAN-of Event, which took Astralis failed, they participate even leave the group. Of course, a team with such ambitions is clearly not satisfied with the state of affairs, and the decision is not long in coming. Replace part - always the last thing, but sometimes still have to resort to extreme measures.

From today cajunb no longer listed as a part of Astralis. Earlier, he had already left the top five because of some controversy, but then came back again. This time history essentially repeated. Team Dignitas cajunb not denied in registration in their roster. In turn, for Astrlalis will act Kjaerbye, on which fans of the team have high expectations.

Dignitas has today will conduct the first official meeting of the new members, but expect clearly does not come from them instant changes. And so, and others, will have to devote more of their newcomers into their strategies and developments, so that they finally joined the composition and began to show the result that they are really capable of.

Astralis roster:

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