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P2000 | Imperial Dragon 1st place
AK-47 | Safari Mesh for 2nd place
MAC-10 | Rangeen for 3rd place
Sawed-Off | Yorick for 4th place
Pack of cases for 5th place

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North North vs SK SK


Full name: Markus Wallsten

Age: 23

Steam profile: PRONAX

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Marcus Uolsten - Swedish player that shows just incredible murder in matches. As we can observe in Sweden a lot of talent, and you can say "pronax" last and closing the circle of Swedish talent on stage CS.



Percent headshots: 48.68%

On average kills/round: 0.63

On average assists/round: 0.15

On average deaths/round: 0.65

Total kills: 6783

Total deaths: 7049

Maps played: 461

Rounds played: 10817

K/D: 0.96

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