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IEM Oakland 2016

Natus Vincere


Num. voters: 89

Skill   +4.13   -2.62

Results of interview

86.41% 13.59%



Num. voters: 14

Skill   +4.38   -2.38

General score: 6 - 16

First half: 2 - 13

Second half: 4 - 3

Player name Kills Headshots Deaths K/D
Natus Vincere Natus Vincere
nation s1mple 12 57.20% 17 0.71
nation Edward 11 86.00% 19 0.58
nation flamie 11 56.20% 17 0.65
nation GuardiaN 12 57.00% 19 0.63
nation seized 11 58.00% 18 0.61
Liquid Liquid
nation Hiko 22 95.60% 8 2.75
nation EliGE 22 102.00% 14 1.57
nation Pimp 17 85.70% 11 1.55
nation jdm64 17 86.50% 11 1.55
nation nitr0 12 62.50% 13 0.92

Man of the match

nation Spencer Hiko Martin
Kills/round 1.00
Assists/round 0.18
Deaths/round 0.36
Entry kills/round 0.09
Headshots 59.10%
K/D 2.78
Forecasts from team analysts

If you are not sure on which team you want to bet, lower your attention the forecasts of analysts team.

Before you trust the opinion of any analyst in the list, you should pay attention to his statistics (of given projections, how many correct and how many false).

Based on the accuracy of the forecasts of analysts, his commentary, you can determine whether to trust him or not forecast.


Forecast by Malygin

all forecast Total forecasts - 18
PR comments  0 true forecast Faithful forecasts - 11
PR forecaster 12 false forecast False forecasts - 7
The accuracy of forecasts

Natus Vincere - would not say that the guys are not in shape but badly played the last match. It is worth noting that Simple continues to prove that he is the best in his team. The guys do not play more as a team cohesion as soon as the stack skillovyh players. But I think that we should take away from liquidation, although we should not forget the fact that liquidity is also worthy of Tim. And then a very risky bet, I advise you to skip danuyu game. Strong card - de_overpass, de_mirage, de_train.

Luquid - hard team to play against his former leader Simple. The main game is built on it have liquidity. But now the team is actively training, so I think that they still show themselves, and show his teeth Navi supposedly we are also able to show the quality of the COP. Strong card - de_cache, de_mirage.

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