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M4A4 | Evil Daimyo for 1st place
AWP | Worm God for 2nd place
Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner for 3rd place
P250 | Valence
Operation Breakout Cases 5x
Audi стали спонсором Astralis \\shon
ТОП-20 игроков CS:GO 2016 года \\shon
suNny присоединился к PENTA Sports \\shon
Обновление в CS:GO от 13.01.17 \\shon
FNS возвращается в CLG \\shon
Gambit квалифицировались на DH Masters Las Vegas \\shon
Победители конкурса "Гуру прогнозов" 01.01.2017 \\shon
Maikelele и pita сформировали новую команду \\shon
Обновление в CS:GO от 15.12.16 \\shon
Обновление в CS:GO от 14.12.16 \\shon
ECS Season 2 North America



Num. voters: 55

Skill   +0.67   -3.19

Results of interview

60.44% 39.56%



Num. voters: 36

Skill   +3.19   -1.81

General score: 9 - 16

First half: 5 - 10

Second half: 4 - 6

Player name Kills Headshots Deaths K/D
Liquid Liquid
nation Pimp 24 86.20% 17 1.41
nation jdm64 19 84.20% 14 1.36
nation Hiko 16 66.70% 20 0.8
nation EliGE 10 59.00% 20 0.5
nation nitr0 9 56.00% 20 0.45
Luminosity Luminosity
nation PKL 25 108.00% 13 1.92
nation destiny 22 88.50% 18 1.22
nation SHOOWTiME 19 82.80% 16 1.19
nation yeL 12 57.90% 13 0.92
nation shz 13 49.50% 18 0.72

Man of the match

nation Vinicios PKL Coelho
Kills/round 1.00
Assists/round 0.28
Deaths/round 0.52
Entry kills/round 0.08
Headshots 48.00%
K/D 1.92
Forecasts from team analysts

If you are not sure on which team you want to bet, lower your attention the forecasts of analysts team.

Before you trust the opinion of any analyst in the list, you should pay attention to his statistics (of given projections, how many correct and how many false).

Based on the accuracy of the forecasts of analysts, his commentary, you can determine whether to trust him or not forecast.


Forecast by Malygin

all forecast Total forecasts - 18
PR comments  0 true forecast Faithful forecasts - 11
PR forecaster 12 false forecast False forecasts - 7
The accuracy of forecasts

Liquid - The team obviously stronger opponent has been able to squeeze out one card at T2 could not do Envisy, shooting Lyuminositi clearly lags behind rivals, so liquidity should take on Easy rounds, plus the entire mood of the team is clearly not at a loss. Surely zews new coach wants to show itself at its best and is likely to be tough to set up and coach the team. Strong card - de_cobblestone, de_cache.

Luminosity - team loses almost all competitors, only that they could win Kompleksiti, but there is the level of the team about the stage of "Kalash". Strong card - de_train, de_cobblestone, de_mirage.

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