confirm snatchie signing

Transfers12:45, 03.08.2018 confirm snatchie signing

Snatchie signed a contract with until the end of 2020.

He will replace Peter "morelz" Taterka, who previously acted as a stand in the team.

The first championship of the new roster will be ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018, which will be held in China from August 24 to 26.

General Manager of Roman Dvoryankin said:
"Michael is a talented young player who has already been able to show himself on the professional stage CS: GO. We look forward to the championships with his participation in our team. We are sure that snatchie will make a big contribution to the team. "

"I am very happy to be a part of the most famous Polish team. This is a new level of my gaming career. I think that we can take the first places in various championships and play well with the rest of the players of the team. I express my gratitude for the time spent at AGO. I wish good luck to the guys, but it's time to take steps forward, "said Michal" snatchie "Rudzki.

Updated roster
Michal "MICHU" Müller
Paul «byali» Belinski
Yaroslav «pashaBiceps» Yazhobkovski
Philip «NEO» Kubski
Michal "snatchie" Rudzki


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