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Results and awards of the last CS:GO season

Championship21:17, 22.06.2023
Results and awards of the last CS:GO season

The active CS:GO season ended with the victory of Heroic at the last BLAST. The second major is not planned, and the rest of the tournaments will most likely be held as part of CS 2. Many teams have shown themselves and become leaders. At the same time, fans made online bets on eSports on their favorite lineups, getting a good profit. Which of the participants distinguished themselves in the season, see below.

Best roster

There was no team that dominated the other rosters during the season. This is what made diversity to the tournament. The excitement was constantly observed, there was no single leader, and therefore the matches turned out to be tense and most spectacular. In the six top tournaments, the first places were taken by five teams:

  1. G2.
  2. Vitality.
  3. Faze.
  4. Ence.
  5. Heroic.

However, the French were able to become leaders twice. Plus, they won the Major. This means that no one else can claim the title of the best team - only Team Vitality.

Best player of the season

ZywOo is undoubtedly the best player that has no competitors. In his piggy bank - a couple of victories, 2 MVPs, as well as excellent static data. Although it was not without a temporary failure: in the match against Heroic in the BLAST final, he simply dissolved on the 1st map, not hitting simple targets. There is nothing to worry about, since ZywOo played 74 cards in 2023, and only nine of them were in the red.

Best coach

Zonic is a former pro league CS:GO player who became a successful coach. The first mentor in the history of eSports who was able to bring two different teams to the Major. This he emphasized his uniqueness.

Opening of the season (gamer)

There were many surprises during the Major. For example, the legendary NAVI roster did not make it to the playoffs, but Apeks, ITB, GL plus Monte appeared there. Unexpectedly, but everything is natural: in order to get in proper shape, the guys participated in a large number of online tournaments.

The main star of the Monte team was Boros. His advantage lies in excellent head shooting. In addition, the gamer found the optimal balance and learned how to play «smart» CS:GO.

Opening of the season (team)

Choosing a candidate is quite difficult. Title can be assigned to ITB. The roster reached the quarterfinals of the Major, starting from the open qualifiers. The GamerLegion team achieved no less success, as it reached the final. No less good is the Apeks roster, which brings together young and ambitious players. The team not only ended up in the playoffs, but also received an EPL slot.

However, the main discovery is Monte. The roster showed itself in a huge number of tournaments, won victories in 5 online championships. No one has achieved such success. In addition, the team has secured a place on the EPL, which is already cool.

Disappointment of the season (gamer)

The disappointment of this season can safely be called a gamer Twistzz. He did not show a single positive game, he failed at the major. The bottom line is that Twistzz was characterized by stability. That is why his slump caused a negative reaction from fans. The reason is simple: the player explained that he was tired.

Disappointment of the season (collective)

There are quite a few candidates in the category. For example, the NAVI team did not enter the playoffs for the first time since 2017. She does not have any trophies, and in the current tournaments the guys only reached the semi-finals. You can also note Cloud9. But the most real applicant is At the top tournaments, the guys took only 5-6 positions.


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