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Spil kort - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive i officielle mesterskaber

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Dust 2 - den mest populære kort i CS GO
Mirage - kort med et stort antal krisecentre
Train - på kortet en masse point for at skyde top

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kort cs go cache

The Cache map was developed by two well-known map developers. Their names are: El Salvador "Volcano" Garozzo and Sean "FMPONE" Snelling. The map was published in the gaming industry CS: GO on July 25, all actions take place next to Chernobyl, where you can see Russian references to the Chernobyl disaster. Also it was included in the competitive mode in the championships, where we repeatedly could observe the players on this map. It is well balanced and acquired new textures, typical for CS: GO.


kort cs go cobblestone

The Cobblestone card was back in 1.6, where it was commonly called cbble, since it is an abbreviated name. Now we see an updated map with altered paths and passages to the buildings, but these are the same locks with a full open terrain, where the favorite place of terrorists is the top floor in the castle, the middle is perfectly visible, people have been there many times. But this card remains still not playable in CS: GO, as it is necessary to improve it for the competitive mode more than once.


kort cs go dust2

Dust 2 is the most popular card in the game CS GO. The first thing that catches your eye on this map is the presence of all unnecessary objects, in the form of garbage, which are lying on the ground. The map is an ancient city. Barrels, which can be found on the map, have become fixed, unlike previous games Counter-Strike. The map became much darker, it became more difficult to notice their players, as well as opponents. Many bugs and secrets have been removed from this map, but nevertheless, some still exist. Also, you can quickly get on a zigzag if you climb on a double box. However, it does not always work the first time. Posts in the tunnel are made in the ancient Greek style. The map is beautiful enough. You can rate it for all five points. The strong side in this map is an attack. In competitive games this side is chosen to win more rounds. Attack, as a rule, has two outputs to A and one exit to B, but with good respawn, the attack can quickly take the B point, than the defense. But, to beat out this point of protection without literate spreading will not be easy.


kort cs go inferno

The de_inferno card is also one of the playable cards in CS GO. Like on the Dust 2 card, the side of terrorists is a strong point. They can take the tower on the middle, which is the most important point on the map. For most professional teams, it has become customary to make a landing on the cornice, to the cradle on the 2nd floor. At the moment it has become a classic to occupy ribs, it will give an opportunity to go out on the greens or on carpets - thereby they knock out A captivity and comfortably take positions. But these rounds will not be fast, as it requires teamwork and the correct spread of grenades. Many people playing a mix often go for the strong side, but this is wrong, because holding points is not an easy task if you have little experience or the correct distribution of players by position.


kort cs go mirage

The Mirage card is often played in the CS GO Championships. In this card, strength is protection. On this map, both surprise and teamplay are important. Each player will need accurate shooting because the firefight is mainly conducted at considerable distances. The defense side has good enough positions here, and they can be quickly taken. A sniper can simultaneously view multiple positions from A captive. This is the way out of the house, pit and middle. It is also comfortable to position the cradle in order to control the middle. The defense should not play aggressively, it will be enough to wait for the side of the attack to exit to the capture points or wait for their mistakes.


kort cs go nuke

The Nuke map is a huge nuclear complex, which terrorists are trying to infiltrate in order to lay a bomb. The card itself is slightly more than average, on this card the advantage is given to the AWP, since the pledge is almost based on the support of the team. The only advantage is that for special forces there are excellent places to see the place where you can lay bombs. Usually this map is dominated by special forces, but there are cases where the weak side can also show good results.


kort cs go overpass

Overpass - эта карта специально разрабатывалась для соревновательных игр, первый релиз появился в 2013 году, и после прошло а ж целых 7 обновлений, которые были направлены на улучшение играбельности карты, общее впечатление от карты - положительное, так как на стенах есть рисунки с граффити и т.д.


kort cs go season

Season - this card was originally in Source and it was not as popular as it is at the moment. The map is very large, the captives are located at a great distance from each other, so at the moment the map is not yet ready for competitive games, it needs to be finalized. The map is made for research centers, in which we can observe the majority of white walls, which is typical for these centers.


kort cs go train

Train - a map in CS: GO, coming from CS 1.6, whose name speaks for itself. After all, you can see on it a small number of wagons with radioactive liquid. Earlier, this card was in demand in competitive games, but now, it is almost not played, despite the fact that recently it has improved the balance of the parties. The company Valve has changed a lot of textures, transformed the environment, and also arranged the carriages in such a way as to level the chances of the teams.


kort cs go tuscan

Tuscan is a popular card that migrated to us from 1.6, after in Source and now it is on our screens of the game CS: GO. The creator himself under the nickname Brute promised to make it to start DreamHack Winter 2012, but did not keep his word, and to this day is engaged in the development of the map, and until the release date is yet known.


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