Tournaments for beginners in CS: GO

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Tournaments for beginners in CS: GO

If you have a team, or you are just a member of the team and do not know where you can take part in the tournaments, then this article is devoted to this topic. Here you will learn the best tournaments on CFS, on which you can prove yourself and get good money. CS GO tournaments are held weekly, and in some league games you can play two or more times a week.

The leading position is occupied by the site - one of the famous leagues in Russia, in which the beginning teams of the team take part, they are divided into divisions. First you have to play in the amateur division (abbreviated AM). If you can pass it, you will get into the division with teams of the level of the seven-pro stage. Still there is a Star-series, in which they play only about the teams of cs go, for example Natus Vincere and others. You can get there only when you put maximum effort into it and take first place in the pro series. - every day tournaments are held here, for which you win points (points), which can be exchanged for virtual things (skins, knives, stickers and so on). Once a month there is a cs tournament that can be broadcast on HLTV. Do a good job with the team in front of such a championship. Registration on the site is free, 4 times a month you can take part in tournaments. The limit will be removed if you buy a premium account, the cost of which is $ 6. - this site hosts cs go tournaments three times a week with a large prize pool. There is anti-cheat CEVO, which, in principle, is similar to ESEA. He is powerful enough in the fight against cheaters, so there are not enough of them. The biggest prize fund is held on Sunday in size In 24 000 rubles. On gfinity play both Russian and other nationalities, so you need to know English at least at the initial level. Administrators and technical support speak only English. - is a popular ESL organization that conducts qualifications for qualification for majors and other major tournaments by CSO. There are fas- tacacs here, which are held every Sunday. There you can compete for a prize of 100 euros. - here there are various leagues with the format 5x5. Prizes are keys that you can sell and withdraw real money.

Of course, there are other sites with tournaments on X, but they are less popular than those presented above.




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