roca leaves Splyce

傳輸09:26, 17.03.2018
roca leaves Splyce

Splyce reported that Daniel "roca" Gustaferry leaves the team.

The reason why roca left was not reported by the organization. However, according to rumors, Daniel did not agree on the timing of the extension of the contract.

Recall that roca began to play for the team since last March. During this time the team took 1st place in the 24th season of ESEA and received a slot in the ESL Pro League.

According to the portal Dust2, the organization plans to take a team of former CLG player Steven "reltuC" Cutler. Previously, he advocated the organization of Ronin.

Acoustic rostrum Splyce:
Cory "SEMPHIS" Friesen
Taylor "Drone" Johnson
David «DAVEY» Stafford
Zach "XotiC" Elshani




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