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Played cards:1276
Played rounds:33368
Total Kills:117587
Total deaths:110045
  • player cs go flusha
    flushaRobin Rönnquist
  • player cs go KRIMZ
    KRIMZFreddy Johansson
  • player cs go JW
    JWJesper Wecksell
  • player cs go Golden
    GoldenMaikil Selim


The birth of the legendary team Fnatic occurred July 24, 2004 Australian Sam Matthews (Zr0) with his parents founded this command, the name speaks for itself in the team played by people who can not live without games and everything associated with them, and the team gave all understand its name, it long and hard to come in eSports. All the people did not give peace of mind is not an ordinary logo, some saw a man on it, some said that it is just an abstraction, etc. everyone has seen its something in this poster.

But when fnatik came on the scene the gaming industry, it is not considered as the main leader, all just ignore it. But after lengthy games yet started to notice it and the first to have a serious visit was to CPL Summer 2005 where they only took 7th place, which is very hard hit by reputation. But again, in the winter CPL 2005 they again fall to 7 places to 17th place, which again will affect the organization of the negative, as they have invested heavily in the development and travel. But after the failure they had no room for error, and after joining the team cArn, Forest, Archi, Tentpole, they began to climb higher and higher and become the first European to take all the places such as WonderBase 2006, Rendezvouz XX, CSCL March 2006, e -Masters 2006 and CPL Winter 2006.

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