Will Valorant Repeat CS:GO Success Formula

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Will Valorant Repeat CS:GO Success Formula

In March 2020, game developer Riot brought together about 400 players to test the new game, Valorant. The company gave players full freedom for three days. They got two cards and several characters at their disposal. Based on the testing results, experienced gamers concluded that Valorant is a serious contender on the CS: GO field, and the popularity of views on Twitch to some extent confirmed this statement. The only question is whether the success of CS: GO will be able to repeat the brainchild of Riot Games?

Playing on the CS: GO field

The tactical shooter marketing company Valorant has evolved in a rather strange direction. The developers have leaked information about the agents, their abilities and skills to the network. Riot didn't seem to count on the public reaction. There was a conversation in the communities that instead of a tough tactical shooter, the studio swung at an Overwatch clone.

The beta release completely shattered these doubts. The main thing in Valorant is shooting. The developers clearly entered the CS: GO field, and did not plan to make a new MOBA like Overwatch.

The gunplay immediately shows that the creators did not cheat. Everything was done according to CS: GO “secret documents”: shootouts take only a few seconds, and a flight from around the corner with a front sight aimed at the enemy's head leads to his immediate shooting. But the most important conclusion made by the overwhelming majority of testers is the pleasure of shooting.

Arsenal Valorant

The armament of the new shooter can be said respectfully as follows: a copy of CS: GO, but we got rid of duplicates. What does Valorant offer the gamer? So here's the arsenal:

  • 2 shotguns;
  • 2 submachine guns;
  • 5 pistols in a set;
  • 2 snipers;
  • 4 assault rifles.

Shooting in Valorant and CS: GO

Riot borrowed heavily from another developer, Valve. An aimed headshot is guaranteed to remove the enemy. Only depending on the type of opponent's armor will body damage be dealt. The use of a spray is provided, but only for the first few shots. Then the trunk starts to «float» according to the standard rules.

Compared to CS: GO, the movement of the barrel is standard, in the form of the letter «T». It is necessary to clarify that the accuracy of fire in Valorant is slightly higher.

The biggest difference is in the machine gun pattern. The powerful and fast-firing «Negev» in CS: GO constantly extinguishes the first shots in «milk». Then his sight stabilizes and he places the bullets clearly at one point. Valorant gave his Odin the characteristic upward and sideways movement of the barrel. Nevertheless, each «clamp» will mean only one thing - the shooter made a fatal mistake.

Valorant agent abilities

Setting aside the flavor and features of Valorant, the agent's abilities can be called the usual equipment from the classic shooter. Characters can fireball, but why isn't this classic Molotoff?

The agents do not have all the abilities in their arsenal. You will not find a combination of «flash drive» and «smok», it will only spur to the correct staffing of the team and interaction within. Unlike CS: GO, where there is a function and the ability to buy the necessary grenade, the agents' abilities are strictly metered. If you take «Smokey», then six agents are endowed with them. Moreover, three of them are not able to competently apply skills in the attack, only during defensive actions.

No character change

Since Valorant is clearly positioned as a team shooter, it is somewhat surprising for the developers to refuse to change agents during the fight. But it turns out that this is a huge plus of the game. After all, this creates the necessary balance, the «golden section» has been found.

For a while, players accustomed to CS: GO canons will get annoyed. Indeed, having taken five «defensive» ones for defense, it is difficult to cope with them in the attack. But after a few matches, the understanding will come that there are such abilities that CS: GO fighters have never dreamed of. That there is only an ice wall or stretch marks on the map.

Valorant is a new word in tactical shooters. The new rules of the game at the first stage may seem unusual, but they brilliantly complement the classic tactical shooter build. CS: GO has a really serious competitor.


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