Update CS:GO on 02.09.18

Patches12:50, 09.02.2018
Update CS:GO on 02.09.18

February 9th, 2018 there was another update cs go. The size of the update is 164.1 MB. So, what was included in update cs 02.09.2018?

— Enabled shotgun spread patterns on official matchmaking servers as described here.

— Co-op Strike, Wingman, and Flying Scoutsman tags have been added to the workshop, so map authors can now tag their maps as playable in those modes.
— Co-op Strike, Wingman, and Flying Scoutsman tagged maps can now be launched into those modes from the Workshop tabs in game.
— Added a map place-able entity (vgui_world_text_panel) that allows mappers to put floating, localizable text in their map without needing custom res files.
— Added vscript function named ScriptPrintMessageCenterAllWithParams which requires 3 params that get inserted into the localization token at the %s1’s.
— CGamePlayerEquip now handles picking up healthshots and now respects max carry for grenades.
— Disabled sv_allowupload by default. If enabled, the filter restricting potentially malicious file types has been expanded.
— No longer exposing the server IP to clients in a circumstance where it wasn’t necessary. This should help prevent some DoS attacks.

— Removed outer catwalk completely.
— Removed helper catwalk onto silo.
— New type of skylight windows in A site.
— Added some cover in corner at back of B site.
— Removed railings when entering B site from ramp.
— Removed window in hut.
— Moved entrance to hut slightly further in.
— Moved up spawns for both teams.
— Flipped static doors at T entrance to ramp.
— Blocked off “old secret” area outside of garage.
— Added solid white walls near CT spawn.
— Rotated container outside of garage, and removed some smaller crates.
— Removed access to crane inside of A site, made more of rafters accessible.
— Reverted box-path onto hut inside A site to the old configuration.
— Removed ladder up to rafters from inside A site.
— Added collision for physics objects (except grenades) near water in B site.

— For tournament organizers, the old version of Nuke is available on the Workshop.

— Closed off windows overlooking courtyard and A.
— Cleaned up sightline from corner balcony toward A and Arch.
— Made CT route to B more direct.
— Joined two rooms on CT side of B into one space.
— Simplified cover on back side of B.
— Removed Ivy “laddice”, now a skill jump / boost spot.
— Grenade-clipped CT bridge railings for more predictable smokes.
— Moved courtyard statues forward for cleaner sightline.
— Added ashtray for smokers

— Re-released and updated the Phoenix Compound co-op map on the workshop.
— Updated Cache and Shipped to the latest versions. Details can be found on the workshop pages.
Cache Release Notes
Shipped Release Notes

— When players complete a custom co-op mission, it now restarts the map at the end of intermission instead of sitting at a black screen.
— Fixed barrel exploding particle effect relying on a specific map’s effects and now has it’s own unique effects.
— Slightly increased barrel explode radius.
— Added mp_heavybot_damage_reduction_scale convar which allows maps/missions to adjust how much damage heavy bots can take.
— Various fixes to the Heavy Assault Suit in Co-op Strike mode to allow it to work like it used to in that mode.
— Exposed some convars to allow Co-op Strike (and other modes) to adjust the Heavy Assault Suit (mp_weapons_allow_heavyassaultsuit, mp_heavyassaultsuit_speed, mp_heavyassaultsuit_deploy_timescale, mp_heavyassaultsuit_aimpunch).


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