How to make money on CS:GO bets

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How to make money on CS:GO bets

CS: GO is a game that every gamer is familiar with. Initially, it was developed as a regular mod, but quickly gained popularity. Thanks to a large selection of weapons, unique mechanics and maps, the game remains relevant to this day, and tournaments are regularly held on it, in which huge sums of money are given for prizes. By betting on CS:GO - one of the most popular e-sports disciplines, you can earn great money if you approach this process correctly.

Types of bets on CS:GO

Cash Rates

There are not many types of bets available in CS: GO; usually, bookmakers offer to bet one of the teams to win. In an ideal situation, you have the opportunity to bet on a total or a head start. In some cases, your opportunities increase markedly - you can additionally put on the final score, total cards, round. You may be asked to guess whether a bomb will be planted in the first round. Predicting such bets is quite difficult, but in the case of them you can find the right approach.

If you are going to bet on the result of the first round, then you need to carefully read the statistics of the teams. With this approach, it will be easier for you to understand which team has the best pistol rounds. In CS: GO, odds are available for cards and rounds.

Another option is game inventory bets.

For bets, you can use a large number of currencies, including in-game items.

How to make money on CS:GO bets?

The first thing to do is to conduct a detailed study, which will assess the chances of victory for each of the teams. Try to find information that helps you predict the winner. For example, if one of the players on the team looks painful, then this may affect its results. It is equally important to be able to find the right odds. We need to monitor how they change. Even if you are defeated, you need to continue to bet with higher odds. In this case, it is highly likely that you will pay off and begin to receive a net income. Remember that there are a huge number of factors that can affect the result and motivation of a team. Among them are diseases, previous results, changes in composition, fatigue and much more.

Keep in mind that many teams play better on certain maps. Having looked at the statistics of performances, you can find favorites for certain locations. Of great importance is the particular tournament in which the team plays. It affects motivation. The larger the prize pool, the more efforts the team will make to win. The result is also strongly influenced by the Olympic elimination system in the event of a loss. All this can affect the results of the performance.

If you make mistakes, then analyze them and draw the right conclusions. And most importantly - do not bet on emotions. You can root for NAVI, but if according to forecasts the team is likely to lose, then follow the dry calculation. He will help you make money on eSports events. The source reports that betting is now the easiest on the loot bet website. There is a large selection of outcomes, which opens up great opportunities for earning.


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