How to make predictions for CS:GO

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How to make predictions for CS:GO

CS:GO is known to many as the brightest representative of the rule «easy to learn, hard to become a master.» This applies not only to those who plan to do this professionally and try to understand into some teams, but also to those who want to earn money by simply watching the matches of these teams, betting on or making money on predictions in other ways. To correctly predict the outcome of upcoming matches, it is not enough for the capper to understand the intricacies of the game - he still needs to understand the many nuances of how professional teams work and whether they are ready to win the next meeting.

In this regard, it is useful for everyone who is going to become a successful forecaster in CS:GO to find out what you need to know to correctly predict and how to make money from it.

How to correctly predict matches

In most cases, predictions for CS:GO are made based on several factors. Here we list only a few of them that most betters will be able to notice:

  • Statistics. You check how well the teams have shown themselves in recent matches. If a team regularly loses to rosters that are the same in strength or even weaker, it is possible that the situation inside the team is bad and the next match will also end in its disadvantage. In addition, according to statistics, bets are made not only on victory, but also on “pistols”, totals and other outcomes.
  • News. It is important to always follow the news of the teams. For example, if it is known that a reshuffle will occur in the team in the near future, this may indicate that some players are unlikely to be inclined to win.
  • Personal meetings. It often happens that one of the teams shows much better results on the world stage than its opponent, but at the same time regularly loses to it. This should also be taken into account when making the following forecast.

The following are more complex factors that are taken into account by experienced betters who have long been following Counter-Strike:

  • Strength of collectives. An experienced bettor knows the strength not only of teams, but also of each individual player. The latter is especially important if the team has gathered recently and has not yet had a large number of matches in this roster.
  • Card pool. One of the most important factors. Based on the pool of cards of different teams and statistics on them, you can understand which one will be more profitable to feel in the upcoming meeting. In particular, it is extremely useful for those who plan to bet on live.
  • The mood for the match. Some teams do not play seriously if they do not have good financial motivation to win the tournament. Others even use such tournaments as a kind of relaxation, because of which they can lose to even weaker teams in matches, despite the fact that they then easily cope with the “tops”.

All of these are standard criteria that a professional better takes into account before making a prediction for each match. They seem to be few, but each requires a detailed study and consideration of many more subtle factors. That is why successful forecasters make up a very small percentage of all betters, but all these people earn very good money, so the invested effort and work will definitely pay for themselves.


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