Another team from the CIS in the playoffs: review of the match «» - «Faze Clan»

18:34, 04.11.2021
Another team from the CIS in the playoffs: review of the match «» - «Faze Clan»

On November 2, the Legends stage of the main tournament of the year in the discipline Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - PGL Major Stockholm 2021 ended. On the last day of this stage of the tournament, the last six teams with statistics 2-2 fought for the last places in the playoffs. One of these was the CIS team, which faced the Faze Clan in the last match of the stage. How was the match? Who was the best? Which team will play in the playoffs? These questions are of interest to site users

Match review

The teams approached this match in different statuses. Faze Clan was a triumphant who was able to easily come back from 1-2 stats, easily beating Team Liquid. «Team Liquid» cannot be considered a simple team, because before the start of the tournament, many analysts believed that the team would easily reach the playoff stage. However, the American team was overrated and was eliminated from the tournament. But this is not the only achievement of the Faze Clan team. The European club, like, started the tournament with the Challengers stage, preceding the Legends stage. This stage of the «Faze Clan» passed 3-0, destroying every opponent on the way. Among their rivals were also «», for which the crushing defeat from the European team was the only one at that stage. At the same time, «» looked weaker than «Faze» throughout the tournament. The past rival of the CIS team was MOUZ, who did not play well at this tournament. And even this match turned out to be difficult for and ended in extra time on the third map. Therefore, «Faze Clan» was the undisputed favorite in this match, and his victory was predictable. However, the first map took place in a fight that the audience did not expect. But the CIS team still turned out to be weaker and lost 13-16. And the second map «Faze Clan» started with domination. It seemed that had no chance anymore, but in the second half the CIS team returned to the game and won the map with a score of 16-14. After that the match moved to the third map, in which beat their opponent without any problems. As a result of this match, the CIS-team will advance to the playoffs and will face «Heroic», while «Faze Clan» will leave the tournament.

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