Boombl4 - a new player of Natus Vincere

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Boombl4 - a new player of Natus Vincere

Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov or simply Bumych. Kirill is just 20 years old, but he has already demonstrated his excellent gaming skills playing with the Winstrike team, and has recently signed a contract with the famous Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere.

Quite a successful career step, considering that today Navi has a leading position on the CIS eSports arena and is in the top 10 international rankings. Moreover, Navi is famous worldwide and has a huge army of fans, and the support of eSport market giants like GG.BET. Follow Navi’s success on the cyber sports arena at, and now let’s get to know more about the young talent on the professional eSports scene.

The Story of Boombl4. First success

Kirill did not succeed immediately. His eSports’ career began in 2016 with the Elements Pro Gaming team, where he successfully improved his skills and showed a quality game.

According to Kirill himself he was always interested in Counter-Strike, but he had no idea about the eSports. However, when he saw the broadcast of eSports matches with players on the stage, he admitted to himself «I can play no worse than them". After that, he began to train hard and go deeply into eSports.

After a few months, he decided to join the Quantum Bellator Fire team. Frankly said at first the team’s performance did not sparkle with success. However, in October 2017, QBF becomes a runner-up of the CIS-qualification ELEAGUE Boston Major, due to Bumych by large. They were able to show a high-quality game, which surprised the audience, opponents and bookmakers. Though initially the QBF team was considered an outsider.

Team Captain

The real popularity came to Kirill Mikhailov after his game with the Winstrike team, which he joined in 2018. Bumych was confident on the role of the team captain, saving his team with his tactical decisions many times. Later he said about those events: “It was fun to try to be a captain. I know a lot of the game.”

Of course at that time it was his debut in the role of captain, but he diligently honed his skills and delved into the essence of the team game. The teammates highly appreciated Kirill’s leadership qualities and his charisma. Kirill was able to create a special atmosphere within the team, due to which the Winstrike players were able to reach their potential.

Born to Win

In May 2019, Bumych joined the Natus Vincere organization. His new colleagues speak well of his game. "On Monday, we started training with Boombl4. He brings in more communication, gives the team more firepower, and that's great." - gave his assessment to joint training with new player Alexander S1mple Kostylev. Kostylev also noted that Kirill is ready to develop and invest fully in the work.

Zeus also spoke positively about Bumych and even outlined some prospects. According to Zeus, Bumych has leader’s qualities, and he can potentially become a team captain. Zeus is ready to help him in this and pass on his knowledge and skills.

It’s early think ahead, however, it is definitely encouraging that the team has warmly welcomed and accepted a new player. Let’s hope to witness new sensations and dizzying victories.

We will be watching the course of events with interest and we wish Kirill success in the new team!


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