Astralis announced the creation of a female CS:GO roster

Rozne17:00, 22.09.2022
Astralis announced the creation of a female CS:GO roster

Until recently, there was an opinion in society that eSports is a purely male hobby. Like, the fair sex is not so fond of playing computer games, and in general, women do not like to compete so much and the excitement of rivalry is alien to them. Both of these statements are complete nonsense. First, according to research, the total number of female players who play games is not much lower than the number of male players. Secondly, in most esports disciplines there are regular tournaments that are held for women's esports teams. Every year there are more and more such tournaments, as evidenced by the information posted on the website

CS:GO can safely be considered one of the most popular and spectacular disciplines in modern esports. Recently, we can increasingly see news that new teams are appearing among professional teams. A distinctive feature of these teams is the fact that the players are exclusively representatives of the fair sex. We all remember how in the spring of 2022 the legendary organization Natus Vincere announced the creation of a women's CS:GO team. Now it's time for another legend to make itself known.

Serious competition is expected in women's CS:GO tournaments: many top-level organizations have signed a female roster. Astralis is the latest team to announce a new roster of five players and a coach ready to debut at the upcoming ESL Impact League Season 2 tournament. This women's roster is made up of a European mix of players from different countries located throughout the region. There are both experienced players and «fresh blood» here. The average age of team members is 23 years. The backbone of experienced players consists of three players: Aurora «aurora» Lyngdal, Héjja «kezziwow» Kászandrá and Rachel «RacheLL» Kujawa. More «green», but promising are young players. These are Selin «spike» Sinem Alak and Yoana «Joanana» Vlaykova. The girls will be trained by Rafael Barroso, known to esports fans by the nickname FeldmaN.

The creation of the Astralis female CS:GO roster became known after Astralis CEO Anders Hørsholt made an official statement. In it, he announced plans for the future development of the project: «We want to go even further with our new team ... Our values ​​​​are based on achieving the best results and continuous development, as well as on the acceptance of games at all levels, regardless of traditional differences.» To avoid differences, the women's CS:GO team will be called «Astralis», like all other esports organizations.

The representative of the team, Aurora, wrote on the social network that for her, becoming part of Astralis is like making a long-held dream come true. She also said that during the negotiations that they held with the team in the office of the organization, all members of the team were able to understand each other, imbued with respect and outline plans for further development. She also shared her impressions that she is inspired by professionalism and other excellent qualities that all representatives of an esports organization have. The management of Astralis is well aware of what conditions it is necessary to provide esports players for stable development and growth over themselves. It seems that the newly minted players of the team are full of enthusiasm and eager to fight. We wish the girls bright victories and will follow their performances at the upcoming competitions.


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