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ROG Masters groups, schedule revealed

Campionato16:57, 05.12.2017
ROG Masters groups, schedule revealed

The organizers of the forthcoming ROG Masters 2017 have published the results of the group seeding of the teams, as well as the schedule of the matches of this tournament. The championship will be held the other day, namely, from December 7 to 10 in the capital of Malaysia, the city of Kuala Lumpur. In the championship will participate six teams, which were selected by qualifications by region. These are two teams from the Asia-Pacific region, two EMEA-selection teams, and one team from America and China. Teams will play in the group stage Round Robin BO2, after which the strongest teams for playing in the playoff grid of the Single Elimination BO3 + BO5 will be eliminated. The prize fund of the tournament ROG Masters 2017 - 250 00 dollars.

Sowing participants in the group stage:

Group A

Group B
Vega Squadron

The preliminary schedule of the tournament:
Group stage, December 7:
5:00 5POWER vs. Gambit BO2
05:00 Vega Squadron vs. Grayhound BO2
07:00 Splyce vs. 5POWER BO2
07:00 TyLoo vs. Vega Squadron BO2
09:30 Gambit vs. Splyce BO2
09:30 Grayhound vs. TyLoo BO2

Group stage, December 8:
05:00 Quarterfinal # 1 BO3
05:00 Quarterfinal # 2 BO3

Playoffs, December 9:
05:00 Semifinal # 1 BO3
08:00 Semifinal # 2 BO3

Playoffs, December 10:
05:00 BO5 Grand Finals


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