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Astralis secure EPICENTER invite

Campionato10:44, 11.09.2018
Astralis secure EPICENTER invite

Organizers EPICENTER 2018 have published information that the Astralis team received an invite to the championship.

At the moment the team participates in FACEIT London Major. Already this Wednesday she will play against Natus Vincere, who will also participate in the tournament in Moscow.

Soon the following three teams will be announced who will receive invitations to the tournament. The last three slots are played out on the LAN-Qualification Wild Card.

Note that the EPICENTER 2018 will be held from 22 to 28 October at the Park Legends stadium in Moscow. The prize fund of the championship will be 300 000 dollars.

Current list of EPICENTER 2018 participants:
Natus Vincere


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