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ELEAGUE Major 2017ELEAGUE Major 2017

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player cs go olofmeister
SEolofmeisterplayer cs go olofmeisterOlof Kajbjer


Olof Kajbjer


Kills / rotondo1
Assist / rotondo0.07
Morti / rotondo0.74
Il primo omicidio / turno0.19
Colpi alla testa44.4%
squadra cs go fnaticfnatic
player cs go olofmeister
player cs go KRIMZ
player cs go twist
player cs go dennis
SEdisco doplan
player cs go disco doplan

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And so again a new game day. On the agenda is the match.
fnatic vs. mousesports ELEAGUE Major
Well , let's start with yesterday Fnatic won the North for me , it was the surprise of the entire game at first controlled the North but Fnatic managed to break.I thought because of the experience, North afraid even to knock strictly left to save. Taking personal statistics yesterday Dennis, Olof, Krimz showed the old school. Looking at the statistics of Crimsa understand the guy two days playing at a great level percent of hits to the head 74% dovolnotaki a lot. We see that the map cobbles ready for a certain level of Fnatic.
What to say about these guys, they smash HR yesterday at its TOP card. For me was shock when HR make a sound vs mousesports map Cache that was stupid, as if you're not trained you don't know how it will go, I can not be sure in it and you take you come out to play against the strong peak. But okay,that last day. mousesports yesterday showed very well all the players Spidi is a bit distracting, but overall , they have shown that the card is ready flexible as protection and attack.
The last time these teams met in October,2016. And then won the mouse. Peak ban cards, I don't think that both teams will risk and will take the Nuke they don't play on this map. Sowing the sowing fnatic below they certauth two cards I think Nuke, and may not want to play Cache, because G2 lost. And the fun begins, that will remove mousesports Train,Coblestone will Mirade Dust2 Overpass. Then I think they will drop Dust 2 is not a bad map Fnatic will remain a Mirage and Overpass. Mirage is not the same and not the same is not showing at the proper level,so that one less will make mistakes, well , about overpass more inclined to fnatic, the Swedes have always shown on this card game.
In General it is not advisable to bet on this match, but believe in Fnatic in Sweden.They understand that they need the quota.
5% on the Fnatic match will randomly not zavisimo of the map.


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