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FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2

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el jugador cs ir byali
PLbyaliel jugador cs ir byaliPaweł Bieliński


Paweł Bieliński


Muertes / ronda0.72
Asistencias / ronda0.16
Muertes / ronda0.64
El primer asesinato / ronda0.09
Disparos a la cabeza49.5%
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el jugador cs ir NEO
el jugador cs ir pashaBiceps
el jugador cs ir Snax
el jugador cs ir byali

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Макс Бабушкин


Россия, Новосибирск

equipo equipo cs go Virtus.provsequipo equipo cs go null

 TSM. best of 1. Card Dust2. Though TSM and well played that card, but they are not stable, yesterday surprised me the match SC vs TSM. And I did not understand Toli SC began to play better almost winning TSM 16 13, 16 14, whether it is on the TSM rasslabone. I lean more to the second, considering the game SC vs G2. VP and showed an excellent game, two times in a row won FSid3, just flips ate both managed to make a draw against VP and won Fnatik. Cast your vote VP




equipo equipo cs go Virtus.provsequipo equipo cs go null

Right guys, this is going to be an EXTREMELY close game and I'll tell you why:

Virtus Pro

VP and TSM both are coming from losses in the Gfinity Summer tournament, TSM much more than VP because at least VP didn't lose to a NA team...

VP's last gams include wins against Flipsid3, a heavily DDoSed game against Fnatic, and beat Cloud9 fairly easily. I thought I should mention the Fnatic game just for a second before you all start Max betting on VP. VP DID NOT deserve to win that game, as Fnatic were crazily DDoSed in this game, and they went without their shotcaller. This leaves 4 other players running around not knowing what to do, so VP easily took advantage.

Now to the map, Dust2. Many people recognise D2 as one of VP's worst maps, but I disagree. VP have been doing lots of practice on D2 and have won 4/6 games on it recently. Only losing to Envyus and Fnatic in close games. However they have beaten Cloud9 and Na'vi so it is clear that they know their way around the map now. 

However, Dust2 is very heavy on the AWPers and rely on those players to help carry their team. VP's AWPer, PashaBiceps is not in great form and has not been playing like the world knows he can. Perhaps he can make a comeback this game, who knows, but this is one of the reasons this game is going to be so close


Most people know D2 to be TSM's better maps, and I would agree, but their form at the moment isn't great, even if they beat team LGB and Nip, they did lose to KeyD Stars and got wrecked by Fnatic and Flipsid3. Also, TSM haven't played Dust2 for quite a while and that game they did play was a loss to Titan who were not in great form at all at that point.

As mentioned before, D2 is very AWP reliant and Device, TSM's AWPer is doing quite well and I think would probably out-awp Pasha at this point. But again, who knows! TSM's and Pasha's form could all change this game.


Overall, I think Virtus Pro has the very slightest of edges in this game, only based off of their performances on Dust2 recently, where thay have almost turned it into one of their favourite maps. 

I recommend, (If possible) to watch both VP's and TSM's games that they play before this just to find out how they are playing. I sure will be, but I will probably skip the game nonetheless.

My Bet: Skip/Low VP

Good luck to those who choose to bet, and Happy Betting!




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