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D!ngIT $2000 Weekly Cup #8D!ngIT $2000 Weekly Cup #8

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el jugador cs ir Hyper
PLHyperel jugador cs ir HyperBartosz Wolny


Bartosz Wolny


Muertes / ronda0.73
Asistencias / ronda0.13
Muertes / ronda0.7
El primer asesinato / ronda0.11
Disparos a la cabeza41.2%
equipo equipo cs go ReasonReason
el jugador cs ir HUNDEN
el jugador cs ir JUGi
el jugador cs ir tabu
el jugador cs ir haste
el jugador cs ir maeVe

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equipo equipo cs go null
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el jugador cs ir peet

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Primera mitad: 9 - 6
Segunda mitad: 7 - 2
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equipo equipo cs go Reasonvsequipo equipo cs go null

These two teams are known to be a little inconsistent, so this match may be difficult to predict, thus the odds I made for this game...


This team has kind of come out of it's shell recently, perhaps because of the roster change recently. The Reason team has been using CadiaN recently who has just about been carrying the team and winning their games. I am led to believe that he is not playing this game, but this may not be true. If however CadiaN is not playing, then I definately see the advantage going to InShock.

Reason's most recent games include a 16:7 loss to Epsilon, a BO2 loss to Orbit with scorelines hovering around the 16:12 mark, and a 16:12 loss to Gamers2. Looking at these games, Reason really hasn't won much for quite a while, only winning against  AlienTech 16:3 which is no big deal to be honest.

I have also noticed that the games where CadiaN has not been playing for Reason have been the games where they have lost by larger margins, mostly single digits.This leads to the fact that they may be relying on him to Carry/Callouts and don't manage as well without him.



The Inshock team have been bootcamping together for four days now. This means that the whole team are living in one house, and all play their matches while sitting next to eachother. This is a great advantage, and allows them to all train, and play together much easier. 

Anyway, Inshock's latest games include a BO3 loss to NerdRage in which Inshock took one map. A 16:10 defeat of Nerdrage, and an extremely close BO3 against Flipsid3. Thee are all fairly decent results and signifies that Inshock may not be in bad form at the moment. Plus the addition of bootcamping will really help the team.

Really, since Inshock has had a chance to get together, I believe that they have the mind-set, and the skills to win this match.

Inshock vs Reason

These two teams have faced off twice, in two BO3's. The scores are as follows:

InShock 14:16 Reason

InShock 16:12 Reason

Inshock 16:7 Reason

And the other game:

Inshock 10:16 Reason

Inshock 8:16

Both matches were played quite a while ago, in April this year so it may not be too much to go with when choosing who will win.


I believe this game somewhat depends on CadiaN. If he doesn't play, InShock should be able to take this game out, especially with the fact they are bootcamping, and the form they are in right now. But if for some reason CadiaN does play, Inshock may still win as mentioned above^^.

All in all, should be a close game, but a great game to watch. I will bet on Inshock as long as they don't get favourited too much, and will most likely go on the underdog, whoever that may be.

My prediction: InShock

My bet: Low Inshock

Good luck, and Happy Betting everyone!




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