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FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3

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el jugador cs ir allu
FIalluel jugador cs ir alluAleksi Jalli


Aleksi Jalli


Muertes / ronda0.29
Asistencias / ronda0.18
Muertes / ronda0.79
El primer asesinato / ronda0.04
Disparos a la cabeza%
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el jugador cs ir Xizt
el jugador cs ir allu

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Николай Шаляев


Россия, Магнитогорск

equipo equipo cs go NiPvsequipo equipo cs go null

Guys, just saying - if NiP loses to G2, for this match they will take blood and sweat, as they need not go into minus in the group. Map dust2 is very strong among Swedes, especially in attack. TSM already played before in Dubai dust2 with 16-8. But it was only recently. In short be sure to see the rink Envy against TSM and NiP vs G2. I can tell you now that by default the Swedes stronger.

equipo equipo cs go NiPvsequipo equipo cs go null

NiP vs TSM | B01 | FACEIT League 2015 Stage 3


GeT_RiGhT (profile hidden; rating hltv - 1,22)
allu (profile hidden; rating hltv - 1,13)
Xizt (profile hidden; rating hltv - 1,07)
f0rest (profile hidden; rating hltv - 1,19)
friberg (36.7 hours; in the network; rating hltv - 1,05)

device (68.2 hours; no network rating hltv - 1,16)
dupreeh (66.3 hours; in the network; rating hltv - 1,11)
karrigan (85.3 hours; in the network; rating hltv - 0,98)
Xyp9x (59.3 hours; in the network; rating hltv - 1,02)
cajunb (profile hidden; rating hltv - 1,09)

The match began on 3 FACEIT League group stage. By training NiP very difficult to judge, as almost all closed profiles. Only one profile is open - it allu to 36.7 hours. It's not a lot, but not too small. The team TSM bounds willfully better. Of all of them stands out with its karrigan 85 hours. It can be seen that the team is trained and none of the participants do not miss a workout. Watching from past games, NiP succeed. 2-3 against Fnatic very good result, the team starts to return to its former shape. They lost to Fnatic Dust 2 16-14, and it is also a good result! Including the fact that the card of the match will be Dust 2, but more on that later. They lost to the TSM Train 5-16 and won Fnatic on Cache 16-13, and SK in the Inferno 16-9. TSM won VP on the cards Train 16-3 (!) And Overpass 16-13. TSM also lost to Na'Vi Train 10-16 and EnVyUs on Dust 2 and Inferno 16-13 both cards. In the game against Dignitas hardly took Overpass 16-14 and Mirage 16-6.

We now turn to the card itself. Map today will - Dust 2. Both teams show strong game on this map. In TSM it generally beloved. Win rate on this card at the NiP - 61,54%, while the TSM - 66,67%. Also on the card, both teams played 7 times, 5 of which were taken NiP. I hasten to say that these games were very similar, in most of these games are dopa, or by 16-14 / 13. Compared to games for different directions from NiP more balanced. 51% of rounds they have taken for CT, 49% of the T. TSM 54% for CT and 46% for T. Looking at the past games in the Dust NiP 2, it is clear that they are all torn Dust 2. Won Fnatic 19-16, TSM 16-7, EnVyUs 16-13, Cloud 9, 19-16, CLG 16-13, Liquid 16-6. In TSM to my surprise an easy victory over the VP 16-3 and SK 16-4, and to further my surprise, sweaty victory over the Titan 21-17. The same sweaty game against Fnatic 19-16, they still won.

To the general way I would skip. If you have a little skin's, and you can not bet on the game with a very high risk, then skip. And you can try to throw ICB / small bet on the NiP.

My odds: NiP 50-50 TSM
Risk: 10/10
Recommended Bet: Skipping or NiP (ICB / small).
My bet: Skip.


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