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ESL One Cologne 2016ESL One Cologne 2016

Eficiencia del jugador

el jugador cs ir s1mple
UAs1mpleel jugador cs ir s1mpleAleksandr Kostyliev


Aleksandr Kostyliev


Muertes / ronda0.84
Asistencias / ronda0.12
Muertes / ronda0.59
El primer asesinato / ronda0.1
Disparos a la cabeza41.5%
equipo equipo cs go LiquidLiquid
el jugador cs ir Hiko
el jugador cs ir nitr0
el jugador cs ir s1mple
el jugador cs ir EliGE
el jugador cs ir jdm64

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equipo equipo cs go mousesportsmousesports
el jugador cs ir chrisJ
el jugador cs ir denis
el jugador cs ir nex
el jugador cs ir Spiidi
el jugador cs ir NiKo

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Las estadísticas detalladas sobre las tarjetas

Primera mitad: 11 - 4
Segunda mitad: 5 - 2
EquipoNombre del jugadorMatarADRMuertesK/D



Primera mitad: 9 - 6
Segunda mitad: 7 - 5
EquipoNombre del jugadorMatarADRMuertesK/D




Los pronósticos de los analistas CSGO-PRONÓSTICO

Александр Бамбасов


Россия, Санкт-Петербург


Honestly for me was the opening game Spiidi, I'm serious, very competent game surprised me greatly. Now a little about the meeting. The team beat mouz on the map train guys from France, as catching them during the game, and the guys from America lost what was on the strongest map Vp - cobblestone. For me personally, this meeting 50: 50, but that's not the problem, if we take the data groups with the different parties because there is the absurdity of the situation. If the match would take place a month ago, I would confidently say that Liquid Favorit of this match, but now take into consideration what kind of game show Spiidi, ChrisJ, the Nex is really bad, I do not take into account while Niko, because he was really off in the match against Vp and partly from envy, and when started playing again, all... EnVyUs went home. And here's a factor I forgot, the tournament in Germany, mousesports is also from Germany... Found Parallels? I Yes. The more native walls was demonstrated at MLG, won both played American teams in the classification there and there and here? At all places the other COP. Talk about maps, in my opinion playing cards from team mouz in the Arsenal and more in BO3 it will leave its mark on the situation

According to the statistics of personal meetings Liquid 0-3 mousesports.

The American team fared well against Virtus.Pro team and was even able to beat the French team EnVyUs with a score of 16-7 on the train map. A new player in the team jdm64 Liquid showed himself very well.

German team mousesports also won the French on the train map, but with a score of 16-12. On the same card with a score of 10-16, they lost to the Poles (VP).

In general on the map:
1. mirage - a little stronger mousesports;
2. cobblestone - Liquid clear favorites;
3. train - both teams are playing it at the secondary level;
4. cache - mousesports;
5. dust 2 - mousesports clear favorites;
6. overpass - both teams are playing it on a low level;
7. nuke - Liquid play a little bit stronger.
Total: Liquid 2-3 mousesports.
Perhaps we will see a train, overpass and nuke.

If Liquid can utter a word more or less neutral cards (and they have a good chance), it is likely that they will win 2-1. Otherwise, it will be the same for 2-0 Mauz.

If set, then it is better on the Liquid, although you can throw on a little shirpa Mauz, moreover, that the coefficient allows.
My conclusion: Liquid 60% - 40% mousesports.

CS GO | Прогнозы на матчи CSGOlounge

What can I say, both teams won EnVyUs and both teams lost to VP, but Liquid gave VP own victory in the cobble since a lot of mistakes made but these 2 team of experienced and here to be honest 50 to 50 match, Liquid ukripili forces with the player jdm acquisitions as he in this Major shows excellent shooting with the AWP but s1mple in this tournament was not involved yet, he does not give as it is able, he lacks aggression s1mple he knows it can Hiko him it does not, I do not know what s1mple, but this is a very important match and I think he should turn on and shut down of Niko as well, which should to smithereens to break the enemy, these two teams understand how this is an important match for both, the one who loses flying home. Yet it seems to me Hiko and his company stronger.

Outcome: Liquid win, but there will be sweaty and Zaruba with abacus 2-0 will not, and so I recommend that you put, what vobmut 1 card Liquid and as mouz.

What then, we have a match for the departure from the tournament between the Liquid & Mouz teams. Both teams played on 2 matches in the tournament, won 1 match and lost 1 match, both teams played against the same teams: VP & EnVyUs.
At this tournament will be very sweaty, both teams will play full. Now a little about the game in general. The Liquid, in this tournament, collected a very powerful structure, which the truth can be compared to shooting with the top teams: SK, NaVi. But their problem is that they have almost no yuzayut no tactics. Edintsvennye strata in the match with VP it was: A Fast, Fast B Smokey default, ALL. Yes, one can see that the guys are very hard on shooting, but the campaign is not trained in terms of tactics. If for example the same NaVi demonstrated new strata at cbble playing against the NiP, new raskidy on the A-site, fake rounds, except that Liquid fast rounds nedelali nothing. At the same time as the mouz, playing on train'e in a match with EnVyUs and the match with a variety of raskidy VP shown on the A and B of Plenty, air attacks through the green, and the top of them a hundred, and for this they should be commended. But the guys from Mouz sagged shooting, playing as usual one of Niko. Therefore, the voice for the shooting and tactics I have a:
Shooting - Liquid.
Tactics - Mouz.
Recommended bets:
1) Winning Liquid
2) Liquid card team to win 1 - yes.
3) Mouz team to win 1 map - yes.


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