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GameAgents League Season 2GameAgents League Season 2

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el jugador cs ir MICHU
PLMICHUel jugador cs ir MICHUMichał Müller


Michał Müller


Muertes / ronda0.75
Asistencias / ronda0.17
Muertes / ronda0.69
El primer asesinato / ronda0.11
Disparos a la cabeza42.3%
equipo equipo cs go CSGLCSGL
el jugador cs ir innocent
el jugador cs ir SZPERO
el jugador cs ir MICHU
el jugador cs ir Loord
el jugador cs ir oskarish

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equipo equipo cs go MaxAndRelaxMaxAndRelax
el jugador cs ir suNny
el jugador cs ir jOELZ
el jugador cs ir hMp
el jugador cs ir juho
el jugador cs ir NIZN

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Las estadísticas detalladas sobre las tarjetas

Primera mitad: 7 - 8
Segunda mitad: 9 - 4
EquipoNombre del jugadorMatarADRMuertesK/D



Primera mitad: 12 - 3
Segunda mitad: 4 - 5
EquipoNombre del jugadorMatarADRMuertesK/D



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CSGL vs MaxAndRelax | B02 | GameAgents League Season 2
My odds: LoungeGaming 40-60 MaxAndRelax


oskarish (59.2 hours; no network rating hltv - 1,09)
MICHU (57.9 hours; no network rating hltv - 1,07)
Loord (profile hidden; rating hltv - 0,94)
innocent (46.0 hours; no network rating hltv - 0,99)
SZPERO (41.9 hours; no network rating hltv - 0,93)

jOELZ (97.9 hours; in the network; rating hltv - 1,13)
NIZN (34.2 hours; in the network; rating hltv - 0,96)
hMp (58.0 hours; no network rating hltv - 1)
xelos (56.8 hours; no network rating hltv - 1)
suNny (63.3 hours; no network rating hltv - 1,12)

Match Series GameAgents League Season 2. I immediately checked the table of results in this league teams and found that M & R won back seven games, won 3, lost 2 and 2 draws. The team of our favorite betting site CSGL, 3 games, 2 win, 1 lost. Just want skzat that CSGL fill the little league. When it started, they played two games and then beat her. But today, they continue to play. By training the team CSGL all bad. The only one who is behind the team, it SZPERO with its 42 hours. The team behind vsech MaxAndRelax NIZN, but more than all his jOELZ 98 hours. Speaking of the team CSGL have come some sort of bad luck. They lost Reason (Mirage 16-8, Overpass 16-13), CPH Wolves (Cache 14-16, Mirage 16-14, Dust 2 16-1) and CLG (Dust 2 17-19, Overpass 16-11, Mirage 16 -10). Won what that nouneymov Gdansk Lions (Mirage 16-2, Overpass 16-8). They also counted a technical draw in a match against HR. Team results MaxAndRelax: draw with Orbit (Mirage 5-16, Inferno 16-3), victory over Volgare (Mirage 19-16, Dust 2 16-10) victory over SK (Train 16-2, Mirage 22-19), loss Reason (Inferno 16-8, Mirage 16-3) and the victory over the Property (Cache 19-16, Mirage 16-10). Speaking of M & R, is a mix, which by the way, will play suNny, very skillovy player from the team ROCCAT.

Format vstcheri - BO2. This is the safest kind of game, because I am sure that M & R will be able to pick one card and, if that happens, our skins will return. By the way, both teams play only 4 cards, and talk about other very difficult:

Dust 2: Dust 2 Two teams played very little. But depending on how his team plays CSGL (lost CPH Wolves 16-1, and a stretch took it from CLG 19-17), the team will give a slight advantage M & R.
Chances: 40-60 for MaxAndRelax

Mirage: My favorite card of both teams. At Mirage CSGL drained everyone, the only game they have taken against nouneymov Gdansk Lions 16-2, but lost CLG 10-16, CPH Wolves 14-16 and Reason 8-16. Although M & R play Mirage with a huge stretch. 2 wins against SK 22-19 and Volgare 19-16, and 2 loss Reason 3-16 and Orbit 5-16.
Chances: 50-50

Inferno: CSGL never played Inferno.
Chances: 45-55 for MaxAndRelax

Train: CSGL never played a Train. M & R could win her SK 16-2 (!)
Chances: 40-60 for MaxAndRelax

Overpass: M & R has never played Overpass.
Chances: 55-45 for CSGL

Cobblestone: Both teams have never played Cobblestone.
Chances: 50-50

Cache: M & R has never played Cache. We only CSGL sweaty victory against CPH Wolves 16-14.
Chances: 50-50

In general, since there CSGL they went to a series of defeats and victories were only taken a sweat and blood, or against noname. The composition is still fresh, and he will play. Here I will give preference to MaxAndRelax.

My odds: LoungeGaming 40-60 MaxAndRelax
Risk: 10/10
Recommended Bet: MaxAndRelax (Shirp / small).
My bet: $ 1.44 to MaxAndRelax.


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