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Coach James "James" O'Connor parted ways with Liquid organization

Transfers10:29, 24.04.2016
Coach James "James" O'Connor parted ways with Liquid organization

Care trainer James "James" O'Connor comes only two days after Alexander "s1mple" Kostylev has been deleted from the list Liquid.Soglasno declaration and the statements of coach, the two sides agreed on the move, because they "could not find a common language his vision of how to achieve success. "

In general Liquid lose two players immediately after DreamHack, and they hardly find a replacement coach in the near future, as well as other North American teams failed to do so in recent mesyatsy.Tem least, the team assured their fans that they will to be able to continue its upward trend in the upcoming tournament majors.

That statement is not a coach for a little-known site, followed by the quote:

"Today, I no longer coach the national team of the Liquid. I'm glad I had the opportunity to coach these great players and see our hard work turning in excellent results. The organization risked taking me as a coach, and I feel great pride in knowing that we We came out of the ESEA in the play - off, before I came to the end of the 3rd / 4th on the first million dollars Major'a during my stay in the team, I think we can all be proud of these results. ". O'Connor said hltv.

"Unfortunately, there is a business side to Counter-Strike. While Team the Liquid, and I want the team to be successful, we could not agree on our vision of how best to achieve this. I want to thank Team the Liquid, its players and our fans for the time when we became the best in the National Assembly

I look forward to coach another team in the near future. Tells James "Jame ^ s" O'Connor.




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