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Guide-known company Euronics Gaming decided to enter the professional CS: GO scene

Miscellaneous11:51, 09.08.2015
Guide-known company Euronics Gaming decided to enter the professional CS: GO scene

Guide-known company engaged in electronics Euronics Gaming, decided to expand their horizons and get to a professional Counter Strike: GO scene. Gaze fell on the German mix called Fairy Tail, which has long been in search of support.

Not so long ago, former players Planetkey Dynamics - Benjamin «qk-Mantis» Oberleyn and Azmikan «asmo» Berberoglu assembled a team that was called Fairy Tail. Since that time, the Germans were looking for an organization to be able to compete at international level. And now, after some time, they have found support in the face of the global electronics dealer Euronics Gaming, which recently signed a part in the discipline of League of Legends.

In its official statement, asmo told that the team have been together for three months and during this period all the players put a lot of effort and time for training. After a long search they found a good organization in the person of Euronics Gaming, with which they plan to attend tournaments, not only in Germany but also abroad.

As for Euronics, at the moment the company has two compounds already in various disciplines in the future may bring her more popularity and the vast eSports.

Composition Euronics Gaming:

- Benjamin «qk-Mantis» Oberleyn
- Azmikan «asmo» Berberoglu
- Stefan «ste» Gronnemann
- Tobias «Rayv» Eych
- Christian «silv» Flegla
- Franz «oddo» Otto Geiger (spare)




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